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  1. 1. Bring up Alfred with the hotkey 2. Type "alf", see "Show Alfred Preferences" is the default 3. Press Return key. Result: Alfred icon eternally bounces in the dock (OK, I wanted about a minute). Only option is to force quite it by right clicking on the icon and selecting "Force Quit" Same results if I attempt to launch it by selecting "Preferences..." from the Alfred menu. Both methods tested multiple times. BUT... Selecting "Check for Updates..." from the Alfred menu launches the app within a second, and navigating to the various sec
  2. It's finding them now. In case it's relevant for the future, I clean installed the OS at about 1 pm, so my post was about 5 hours after that. I had done the reload as instructed by the blog post, didn't do it again, just tried launching one of the newly installed apps after waking the laptop up this today. Thanks, Chuck
  3. I followed the instructions about Alfred not finding my apps in Catalina, but it's still not finding them. I performed the steps about an hour ago. Is it just a matter of waiting until the Alfred's database has been updated? Using Alfred 4.0.8 on macOS 10.15.2 after a clean install of the OS. Thanks, Chuck
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