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  1. Thanks for the answer! I’ve disabled the contacts permission for now. It happened twice …
  2. Hi, Been using Alfred for a while and since yesterday I can't seem to start it. Whenever I do it get's frozen. I think it started following a recent update but can't say for sure. I've taken a sample from "Activity Monitor" incase it helps. (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XlXe8eM5k6dmn6FCUGzDoO2rQDdG51qF/view?usp=sharing) For more context - I'm on Big Sur 11.2.1 UPDATE - It eventually unfroze but it took a few good minutes
  3. Thanks! I'm ashamed to admit I didn't know "Related Apps" had this functionality - I can just make 2 separate hotkeys and have each active or inactive based on chrome:
  4. Trying to just make a shortcut to launch Chrome but if it's active, launch Safari (Launch = If app is running then activate its window, same behaviour as "Launch Apps/Files") I couldn't find easy way to answer "Is Chrome window currently focused/active"
  5. I have a hotkey to launch the browser. Instead of explicitly launching chrome or safari, is it possible to just launch the Mac default browser? Thanks.
  6. Hi. Rather new to Alfred so I would love some help with this: Long time ago, I used Autohotkey and wrote a script that switched between a group of active windows of apps within an app group. For example: Chrome, Safari and Firefox. A single hotkey could toggle between these so I basically have a "Browser Hotkey". Is this possible with Alfred? Thanks!
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