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  1. Thanks @mark_h for reporting your issue, and thanks @deanishe for helping with solving it! I have now also released version 1.6.1 that doesn't have this issue anymore, so hopefully your problems, @xurc and @Davide would also be fixed if you upgrade to this latest version. Please get back if that still doesn't help for you. Sorry for letting that problem get into the previous release.
  2. Exactly! I can look at this problem, @AV8RDude, if you get the error message that you'll find in the debugger, as @deanishe said. You could send the log messages you see in the debugger in a private message to me if you don't want to post it for everyone to see. First open the debugger, as in the linked instructions, then make sure to do the same thing you did when the problem occurred, and then copy and send the log messages you see in the debugger. I also think I would need the same thing from you, @xurc, to be able to find out what's going wrong in your cas
  3. There is now a new version available! The most visible change for most people will be that the icon is now updated to reflect Raindrop.io's change of logo. Other than that, there is now support for the NAVER Whale browser (as requested by @memote), and there is a bug fix for the authentication mechanism that fixes issues that some users where experiencing. @Davide & @xurc, could you try the new version and see if the problem you had might possibly be fixed with this update?
  4. @Davide & @xurc If you cloned the git repository and didn't make sure to also get the submodule that it includes, you would end up with something like what you are describing. Could that be it? If that's the reason you can fix it by going to the Raindrop.io workflow directory (right click the workflow in Alfred to find it) in the terminal and run these two commands there: git submodule init git submodule update It is supposed to work without doing anything like that if it is installed by downloading and double clicking the .alfredworkflow file.
  5. Hi @Davide & @xurc I'm trying to understand exactly what goes wrong for you. I guess thet you first open Alfred and type r anyway Then I'm a bit unsure what happens. The expected behaviour is that: 1. If you just typ r, you will get a list from Alfred with suggestions based on that one letter, with the Raindrop default options somewhere in that list. 2. If you type r<space>, and nothing more, you will get options to either open Raindrop.io in a browser or to browse your bookmarks directly inside Alfred 3. If you type r<space>search query, you will
  6. Hi @memote I'll try to add support for Naver Whale in the next version (which i'm working on now), and as it seems to be Chromium based it will likely not be a problem.
  7. Hi @tsieling! Could you try to start with searching for a bookmark instead of starting with saving? It looks like there might be a problem with the authentication process if you try to save the first time you use the workflow instead of trying to search. I will look into fixing this too, but try that for now and see if it works.
  8. @deanishe Thanks for the link to that thread! It all seams to be a mess really. - The Catalina Beta release notes said at some point that all the scripting languages will be removed eventually, but there where nothing that indicated that in the actual OS - Big Sur Beta does not say anything about that in the release notes (not that I could find anyway), and all scripting languages are still there - PHP's and Python 2's version info in Big Sur says that they will be removed in a future version (which they didn't do in Catalina) - Python 3 wasn't even there before
  9. I installed macOS Big Sur Developer Beta 1 on a secondary partition to try it out, and one unexpected thing I found out by doing that is that PHP is now marked with information that it will be removed in a future version of macOS. When I run "php --version" in Big Sur Dev Beta 1 I get: WARNING: PHP is not recommended PHP is included in macOS for compatibility with legacy software. Future versions of macOS will not include PHP. PHP 7.3.17-(to be removed in future macOS) (cli) (built: Jun 6 2020 07:41:43) ( NTS ) Copyright (c) 1997-2018 The PHP Group Zen
  10. New version again! v1.5 with quite a few changes. Primarily, you can now set the title to whatever you want and add tags when you create a new bookmark, and you also get tags in the search results so you can view or search bookmarks with that tag. More info and details in the changelog in the first post Get it here: https://www.packal.org/workflow/search-raindropio I can't really think of anything that I miss in this workflow anymore now, so there probably won't be as frequent updates anymore going forward.
  11. I found and fixed a bug that would make the bookmark adding feature fail in many cases, so update to version 1.4.1 if that didn't work for you previously.
  12. Version 1.4 is now available, and it now shows collections in the search results, and you can select them to browse or search their content. Before you have started to type a search query, you also now have the option to browse your collections instead of starting with a search. Get the new version here: http://www.packal.org/workflow/search-raindropio Thanks I started to put out the releases on GitHub too, which I didn't do at first, as that is needed to make it downloadable from Pacmax. Pacmax is rather slow at updating it's information from
  13. Version 1.3 is now available with support for adding bookmarks form the currently active browser. See the info in the first post for more about how this works, and get the new version at Packal: https://www.packal.org/workflow/search-raindropio
  14. Sorry, I think I misunderstood you. I was writing in the last posts, before your question, about the new feature coming any day now (and available on the github dev-version already) that makes it possible to add new bookmarks, and that feature does let you search for collections to add the new bookmark to. You can't search for collections and list the bookmarks in them. At least not at the moment. I had not even thought of that until right now, but It is not a bad idea I might add it later, but no promises about that right now.
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