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  1. @MichaelS I wonder if there might be some type of a results cache in Alfred that could have been tricked into behaving like this from when the workflow was craching before it was updated. Have you tried to simply restart Alfred after you updated the workflow to see if that might help?
  2. @MichaelS I'm on 5.5 too, and I don't have this problem, so far seemingly no matter what I do.
  3. @Paliz You seem to be right about something being off with that link. The service Packal, which it links to for my workflow, should normally be a good place to download from and I have double checked that the newest version is actually uploaded there, but appearently there must be a bug in their service, because the download link actually points to a much older version, even though the newest one is uploaded. I will probably simply remove it from Packal to avoid this problem, and will ask Raindrop.io to change there link to Github instead. Thanks for telling me!
  4. @MichaelS @Paliz Great to hear that at least the biggest problems seem to be solved for both of you now! As for the problem with mixed results from the Raindrop workflow and other Alfred results, I thing that might be some setting in Alfred, but I I'm not sure exactly what it might be so I'm looking into it to see what I can find. My guess is that this is not a problem with the workflow itself though, but rather something that applies to all of Alfred. Could you check if other workflows behaves like this too? @MichaelS
  5. Adding bookmarks works perfectly for me too, just like searching, so something is different for you and to fix this problem we would need to figure out what that is. If I can make the same thing happen for me I will probably be able to fix it relatively easily. Can you check what the log says for you when you try to add a bookmark? (go to the Raindrop workflow in Alfred's preferences and click the debug mode button, the one with a bug on it in the top right corner, and then try to add a bookmark)
  6. @MichaelS The log indicates that you are not running the latest version of the workflow, so try to see if the problem goes away if you download the latest one from https://github.com/westerlind/alfred-raindrop-search/releases and install that. There are several bugs fixed between version 2.0.7 that you have, and version 2.0.11 that is currently the newest one.
  7. @MichaelS It's very interesting that you get the Raindrop workflow's results mixed together with other things from Alfred. I'm not getting that myself, but it rather behaves like you describe the Obsidian workflow. When I type r, I get lots of results that starts with an r, and when I then type space, everything except the Raindrop options goes away, and it first show only "Search your Raindrop.io bookmarks" and "Browse your Raindrop.io collections", until I type something more, and then it displays the results from that instead. So the question is why it behaves differently for you. I guess that it might be possible that it simply crashes for some reason, and that Alfred then falls back to showing other results that matches what you typed. What do you see in the log if you first go to the Raindrop workflow in Alfred's preferences and click the debug mode button (the one with a bug on it in the top right corner) and then try to use the workflow?
  8. @MichaelS You can find the authentification information in Keychain Access (search for raindrop there, and you will find it), and if you remove it from there it should ask for a reauthentification next time you try to use the workflow. As for the first problem here, I have not been able to reproduce this, which has also so far made it hard to fix. Are you using some kind of proxy, vpn solution or firewall that might do something with network connections?
  9. It's hard to tell what might be the reason for this without more context, but you could go to the the Raindrop workflow and check if it says "ra" where I marked that with red in the screenshow below. That is where the code word that by default is set to "ra" is configured, and you could change it to anything by double clicking that box and change the setting for it there. One thing you could do, and which is what I do myself, is to set up keyboard shortcuts for searching a bookmark or adding a bookmark, which you can also see in the screenshow below on the left side. Double click those boxes to set your own shortcuts if that seems like a good solution for you.
  10. No, there isn't (at least not that I'm aware of). What is possible though, and how I have been using this workflow myself, is to bind it to any keyboard shortcut you want, so that you get directly to the Raindrop searching (or adding a bookmark) without having to go through standard Alfred first. I have for example been using it like this: Trigger Alfred: cmd+space Trigger Alfred Raindrop Search: option+space Trigger Alfred Raindrop Add Bookmark: cmd+option+space But you can of course configure it to what you prefer. If you go to this workflow in the Alfred settings, the object that you will need to double click to set the shortcuts are the two green ones with a white field in them, up in the top left corner. (There is a description of this below these objects too). You can also change the "r" and "ra" keywords to anything you like (so that you can use something that you remember more easily) at about the same place in the configuration (you will see the green objects with "r" and "ra" as titles.
  11. Try to open Keychain Access and search for raindrop there, and remove the item that matches this workflow, and then open the workflow again and try to search or add a bookmark. If you do that, you should get to re-authenticate, and hopefully thay will fix the problem.
  12. @heyJoeCampbell Are you getting any error message, or some other hint of what might be going on?
  13. Hi @heyJoeCampbell, @kibbles and @jstncwlcx I think that the workflow should have your issues fixed in the latest version, so check if it works better if you upgrade. https://github.com/westerlind/alfred-raindrop-search/releases
  14. Hi @dyab I answered this on GitHub here: https://github.com/westerlind/alfred-raindrop-search/issues/19 The quick summery is that I think it is possible that it might be possible to solve this issue by forcing a log out and then log in to Raindrop again the next time you use the workflow, which you can do by removing the raindrop-search object from Keychain Access.
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