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  1. Found the fix: Drag the app with the comment into Spotlight privacy and then remove it (i.e. https://www.macobserver.com/tips/how-to/stop-spotlight-indexing/) I assume this forces reindex which solves the problem. However, I had previously tried to reindex via Alfred advance pref and it didn't work. Perhaps the Adv. Pref. function is bugged?
  2. This seems to have worked- but strangely only partially. For example, it works with Fantastical and Mailmate, but not with DayOne... which is straight-up bizarre... (same process for all the apps, spotlight re-indexed and application cache cleared) Does anybody have any insight into this?
  3. I'm hoping to use more natural language to open 3rd party apps via Alfred, for example: Mail -> MailMate Calendar -> Fantastical Reminder -> Omnifocus etc... Does anybody know a easy and clean way to do this?
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