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  1. Hi everyone, so Alfred’s Universal Actions feature has been out for the last few months. How have y’all been using it? Share your workflows For me: I use it to open save snippet, without having to go into Alfred preferences I use it to perform text operations, like uppercase, lower case, json format, remove special chars, etc. Search things in a non-default browser Open file/folder with specific apps like VS Code etc Copying file paths or opening terminal in specific directory
  2. I second this. I've been facing this issue as well for the past few weeks, where the snippet won't expand at all. I have to try it multiple times before it works. The snippet does not expand at all, so its not a partial expansion. I usually notice this in browser address bar (brave browser and firefox). It happens like 50% of the time. Doesn't expand even with all browser extensions disabled. What else can I do to resolve this?
  3. Hi @deanisheI tried doing what you suggested, but it seems "Compact Markdown URL" comes before chrome each time
  4. Hi Alfreders, I have a few universal actions on URL but they are not sorted/ordered in the Universal action list the way I want them to. In the screenshot below, I want the Chrome Open With to be the last action in the list so I can just press the up arrow key and reach it faster. Any way to order this list? PS: Renaming the action didn't work for me
  5. Hi Everyone, I was playing around with Universal Actions and trying to make a few of them. I noticed that when I perform a universal action on text, it only shows the list of actions in Features > Universal Actions menus. But when I perform universal actions on an URL, it shows up all the keyword triggers that I have in other workflows, which don't even have a Universal Action Trigger attached to them which is spamming up my action list. My understanding was that Universal actions only show up when, when you have a universal action "action" defined for the workflow. What am i doing wrong here? The below workflow has multiple keyword triggered attached for the same action since I forget the exact keyword, so have defined multiple for the same thing. https://www.dropbox.com/s/upr3311txpvfl97/Browser OPEN WITH.alfredworkflow?dl=0 This is how the action result look like
  6. Hi everyone, I tried this workflow that searches files/folders and provides options to open them in different ways - open in iTerm - open in sublime - open in vs code All of these happen via modifier keys. I loved it, but I have to trigger the workflow every time Is there a way I can modify Alfred default file search behavior so instead of showing - search in spotlight - search with default fallback I can add new options or modify these options to open them in other apps? (via modifier keys). That way, I don't need to trigger a workflow Help much appreciated
  7. This definitely solves my problem. I'll keep that in mind when I add/remove searches, which I don't expect I'll do anytime soon. Appreciate your help on this @deanishe. Thanks for creating this amazing app!!
  8. The code I pasted above was part of the script filter and tries to kinda do that, but it doesn't wait for me to press enter and opens the URL as soon as the keyword is triggered. Any way to induce the enter?
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to modify the Searchio workflow a bit to suit my needs and facing some issue where I have to press enter trigger the script filter What I want: - When I enter "yts" without args and press enter, it opens YouTube. When i enter "yts" and provide an arg, it should start search via searchio's script and display results. With my changes, the 1st part works great with a conditional, but when I provide an arg after "yts" I have to press a second enter to display results. Is there way I can make it work without having to press enter to show results? (I tried inducing a fake enter via a script in between the keyword and script filter, but that didn't work either) Later, I realized that I'd need to trigger the script filter directly with a keyword, but with that, it kept opening youtube from the script filter: ``` if [ -z $1 ] then open "youtube" else ./search youtube-us "$1" fi ``` Of course, since the arg is always null as soon as i enter the keyword. Can anyone please help with this? Modifed workflow: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1abqmspjfd3zobr/Searchio!.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  10. Hi friends, need some help with this workflow. pretty sure i'm doing something wrong What I want: based on a keyword, list of option show up in the alfred window, I can select one of them which pass an argument to execute a script further What I am doing: I have a list filter that has argument required as optional. Few items in this list filter as sending in static argument like 50 or 100 to the next step. One item in the list tries to fetch the argument that I might pass in via the alfred window if needed. I'm using {query} to query it in the list filter and so it can be passed further. When I trigger this workflow, all other options with static argument work but I am not able to pass in an argument. When I select (focus) over the item that requires the argument and type in the value, alfred comes out of the workflow. Another issue I'm facing is, when I'm trying to pass in numeric values via script filter, my workflow works, sending string like "on" or "off" breaks it. it works if i dont use list filter and use script filter though. anything wrong here couldn't attach workflow here so attaching images. its a tiny workflow i'm making to learn
  11. Hi everyone, I'm trying to solve this problem that I frequently face. When I disconnect my Mac from the monitor (connected via USB-C), and then reconnect it when I'm back at my desk, sometimes it does not connect. The Mac does detect the USB-C cable, but I think the process needs a refresh, so I have to unplug and re-plug the cable to make it work. Is there a workflow or maybe a command that I can use to force it to connect by either restart the display process or something else?
  12. Hi everyone, is there a way to clear the clipboard history without actually having to type "clear" inside alfred everytime. Thinking of having a shortcut or button on the touchbar to just tap and clear the clipboard history? Any API/Applescript or something else I can do to accomplish this? thanks
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