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  1. Ah, I see. Right. My idea is to get all uncompleted tasks and uncompleted subtasks of uncompleted tasks within all projects of one certain workspace. (If nothing can be found it'd be great to have the option, to create a new task. But I understand this is a totally different scope, so never mind.) Does that work for you or shall we document things more detailed? 👋🏻
  2. Hi @deanishe, thanks for looking into it. But I'm not sure, what your mean. If I go to the link you provided and search for "comment", I get 64 hits on the page, mostly in this section about how to create a task's story and in the definition of the story. I think in their terminology, the "comments" within a certain task form its "story". Also, have a look at the attached image. This is what a typical task looks like with all its comments. Does this make it more clear?
  3. Is there really nobody who can help – or maybe at least give me a hint if this is possible at all? Please.
  4. Hi dear Alfred people! This is my first post, even though I've been using Alfred Workflows for many years now. I'm on a journey to easily integrate my ever expanding number of client communication channels into my task management workflow. After trying really many systems I give up – almost! Finally I thought: Wait a moment, there's one tool that might hold the power to solve that issue. What I dream of: I copy text (or maybe even an image!?) from anywhere (mail, whatsapp, skype, slack, etc.) I open Alfred and start typing to find the task Fuzzy s
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