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  1. Hi @Vero, one more thing. I’ve installed, long time ago, the workflow Change Case by Jay Gillybrand. I’ve always used it performing these actions: select some text hit Cmd+C open Alfred, then write "case" as trigger command select the desired case hit Return to paste the transformed string Since the Catalina update the step 5 fails. Checking the clipboad history reveals that the transformed text is on top of the list, ready to be pasted. I hope this could be useful to investigate. Thanks marcolago
  2. Hi @Vero I've just completed the tasks you suggested but nothing changed. I have to say that Alfred is neither registered nor addable in Automation (There are not + and - icons in the Automation tab). Every other permission was removed, then rebooted, then readded. Still not working, sorry. Thanks marcolago
  3. Hi @Vero Thanks for the response. You are right, I copy strings and I find them in the Alfred Clipboard History. I recall the Clipboard History panel with my custom combination Ctrl+Shift+V, then select the snippet I want to past and hit Return. In Mojave the selected snipped is immediately pasted in the focused application. In Catalina nothing happens but the selected snippet is correctly put as the first item in Clipboard History List. I've checked what you asked me and here the results: Check that you don't have any third-party apps installed that would either be messing with clipboard contents or with the focused app? I migrated my time machine backup from my old macBook Pro to my new 16". I do not have any new application. On the old Mojave OS evething runs fine. Do you hear an error beep when trying to paste? This would indicate that there's no focused window to paste to. No, no alert sounds. Have you modified the Cmd + V basic paste hotkey combination in your Catalina install so that when Alfred dispatches a Cmd + V to paste, the command doesn't work? No, Cmd+V to paste is my default. I open the Alfred clipboard history with Ctrl+Shift+V (like I’ve always done since the first time I customised Alfred years ago). Try in TextEdit, which is one of the simplest native apps, and let me know whether you're able to paste there. Not working. I need to made an additional Cmd+V AFTER hitting the return key. I could record a screen capture if you need. If you are able to paste, which apps are you unable to paste to? Could these apps have their own clipboard/hotkey management which is interfering? I was not able to paste hitting return. Thanks again for your support. marcolago
  4. Hi @Vero. I’m writing here because I’ve just updated (sigh) to Catalina and I have the same problem. I've already controlled the accessibility option, disabled and re-enabled Alfred, rebooted the mac and so on, but without success. Here's my Alfred Configuration. I also tried to set Keep Plain Text to only 7 Days but nothing changes. I still have my old Mojave Mac with the same configuration and, when selecting an item in the Clipboard History and pressing Return the text is pasted as expected. On Catalina it fails and I have to Command + V to paste the text. Thanks for the support. marcolago
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