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  1. Thanks for your reply .. yeah, I'm aware of that path - just hoped there is also a way to emulate the File Action UI .. but understood about the workaround Cheers Ben
  2. Let me try to clarifiy. If I search for a file with "find name-of-file.pdf" I can navigate to the right (via cursor) and see options like "Open", "Reveal in Finder", "Email To". I would like to create the same option with a custom workflow.. e.g. search for a specific task in a ticket system, on return I can open the URL, but on "cursor right" I would like to have actions like "Add note", "assign to self", "...". I know that I can have several entries in a workflow, so I could - let's say I search for "Ticket A" - have entries in the result list like "Ticket A - open", "Ticket A -
  3. Cool, thanks for the answer! But is it also possible to define actions like in the file workflow? See screenshot ..
  4. Hey, thanks for creating Alfred - wanted to get that off my chest for a while! One question I have, is a multi-step workflow similar to the one requested here possible? Basically creating a workflow like the file dialog, where you select a file first and then select an action? I would also like to add notes to a CRM system, by searching for a specific case first via hotkey trigger and then add a note in a second step that will then be added to that case via API. I got my "search for a case" workflow up and running, but didn't find a way on how to move further than a simple "ke
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