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  1. Thanks for your reply .. yeah, I'm aware of that path - just hoped there is also a way to emulate the File Action UI .. but understood about the workaround Cheers Ben
  2. Let me try to clarifiy. If I search for a file with "find name-of-file.pdf" I can navigate to the right (via cursor) and see options like "Open", "Reveal in Finder", "Email To". I would like to create the same option with a custom workflow.. e.g. search for a specific task in a ticket system, on return I can open the URL, but on "cursor right" I would like to have actions like "Add note", "assign to self", "...". I know that I can have several entries in a workflow, so I could - let's say I search for "Ticket A" - have entries in the result list like "Ticket A - open", "Ticket A - add note", "Ticket A - assign self", etc. but it would pollute the result list. So I would love to create a custom workflow exactly how the build-in "find" workflow works - and define the actions on a "cursor right" movement. Did that clarify things? Thanks for your patience and willingness to help Cheers Ben
  3. Cool, thanks for the answer! But is it also possible to define actions like in the file workflow? See screenshot ..
  4. Hey, thanks for creating Alfred - wanted to get that off my chest for a while! One question I have, is a multi-step workflow similar to the one requested here possible? Basically creating a workflow like the file dialog, where you select a file first and then select an action? I would also like to add notes to a CRM system, by searching for a specific case first via hotkey trigger and then add a note in a second step that will then be added to that case via API. I got my "search for a case" workflow up and running, but didn't find a way on how to move further than a simple "keyword - search via API - open URL" workflow. Any example on how to do a "keyword - search via API - allow user to select action on one specific item of the result set - allow user to add additional data" workflow would be highly appreciated. Would also appreciate a "no, it's not possible" answer :) Cheers Ben
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