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  1. This happens to me once a day at least. I work almost exclusively in fullscreen or split screen on macOS 10.15 and I use alfred for just about everything. The macOS switcher is broken at times, switching to the wrong window, etc, and so I just use alfred. When I open my laptop, the computer switches from single screen to double screen mode, and the Alfred bezel will not show up anywhere. I can activate Alfred, and the window focus changes, and I can type text and it'll do what I want, but I never get to see what I'm doing. Switching between windows the bezel is almost never active long enough that I care, but navigating any workflows, clipboard history, or anything else is impossible. The only preference I can see as relevant is: "Show Alfred on" which I have set to "mouse screen" When I close my laptop, the proper functionality is restored. I'm sorry to say that the bug presents itself often, but not every time.
  2. I edit text in the alfred window all the time, usually because I've copied text and need to tweak it before pasting it somewhere. The text does wrap to a new line, but the Alfred bar doesn't really display it well. You just have to navigate around blindly, knowing that there are newlines and spaces. You can remove blank lines, etc as usual, but I haven't found a way to add a new line.
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