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  1. @llityslife can you share your theme? i'd like to see how you make the rounded edges while also having full span selection style
  2. The native and Script Filter implementations of the dictionary module may return a multitude of results which can be overbearing, specially considering that it can return results for words that are lexicographically similar but are not exact. It also doesn't support modifiers such as custom largetype or Quick Look. Finally, it shows the definition in an unfortunate manner such that the word meta can consume a large portion of the limited real estate, leaving marginal room for the actual definition itself. The ability to plug in a custom Script Filter to further refine the list of results would greatly appreciated. It would bring about the possibility of actions such as refining by returned word, restructuring the subtitle to omit or reorder various components such as the syllables or pronunciation keys, or doing any of the normal things a Script Filter can. This would also mitigate all the limitations enumerated at the start of this post. Thanks!
  3. Seeking the ability to execute and use the results of a script upon triggering a result item's largetype. This would be particularly useful when the largetype text desired for any result item is time-expensive to pre-compute on a large scale, so it's best to defer it to when the user explicitly requests a particular item's largetype. A simple backwards-compatible way to achieve this could be to support a new "largetypescript" parameter which can contain a bash script. Example: largetypescript: {type: "command", command: "/bin/bash python get_expensive_computation_result.py 'selected_item_id'"}
  4. I would love the ability to make the large type opaque. One benefit is that it would improve readability against white/black backgrounds.
  5. i use this (a lot) in catalina and its working flawlessly for me
  6. I want to be able to get the title of the currently occurring google calendar event and copy to my clipboard. How do I do this in a manner that isn't very annoying or require a lot fo maintenance like ongoing refreshing for OAUTH tokens or whatnot?
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