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  1. Hey! What you suggested is currently the quickest way of doing this, and the easiest. I do this myself. You can simply add the workflow again and use a different keyword that suits you. You could use 'NS1' or 'NS2' for example, or something that means something to the workspaces they relate to. There is an open enhancement request to search multiple workspaces within a single workflow, but I haven't got around to tackling that yet or thinking about how it would work. Thanks
  2. That is unfortunately the only parameter that can be changed. Notion doesn't have an option to only search titles as far as I can see and this workflow is bound by the same restrictions and options that Notion's own quick search has (which I believe doesn't allow title search). Perhaps when Notion makes the API public we'll see an option for this.
  3. Glad you are enjoying using it! Just to check, do you have isNavigableOnly set to true in your Alfred env variables for the workflow?
  4. Seems to be working for me currently. Sometimes it stops working for me in the past and I have to update my cookie in the env variables (presumably the notion token has expired or refreshed), can you try that?
  5. isNavigableOnly: Defaults to True. Setting to false allows you to search objects within a page, ie notion objects that cannot be found through the left hand side navigation pane. ^Try setting this, in the workflow environment variables, to False. This should create the same results as the notion quick search function on their web app.
  6. Version 0.3.3 now out+ Pre-configured support for OneUpdater +Unicode character support Automatic version updates 🙌
  7. Version 0.3.1 now out + Support for custom icons + Shows all Notion page icons in Alfred search results natively, resulting in a better design and experience.
  8. Hey Glad you like it! If you could raise an issue that would be a great way to track this. When I get time I can take a proper look. At first glance I'm inclined to say that Notion will not be able to display a non-native emoji, it looks like they are stored as jpgs within notion which I think can not be displayed in an Alfred search result. But I could be totally wrong - will need to check. At the very least I could remove the 'ugly' URL so the results look cleaner when searching. Thanks!
  9. @Yourname Is upgrading your mac os an option? It sounds like that would come with an updated version of OpenSSL or LibreSSL, and you wouldn't have to edit the workflow at all.
  10. Is there a better way of finding out which version of ssl I have? Is it not libressl 2.7.3?
  11. I'm on macOS Catalina, which ships with OpenSSH_7.9p1, LibreSSL 2.7.3 Could it be @Yourname that you are on an older version of macOS?
  12. Thanks @deanishe, makes sense re/ python and python3 usage in Alfred versus shell. Still seems to be a mystery why the error is being generated here, yet not for others. Which given what you said, means it’s not a python version issue, at least between 2 and 3, since we’re all using the same python notion.py command.
  13. Oh good spot with the python versions being different, I think that is because of the way python is being called through this workflow. I may be able to change that so that it calls python3 if you have it installed rather than defaulting to 2. To check if that’s the issue, do you mind trying the following before you give up entirely! ‘The simplest way would be to add an alias to python3 to always point to the native python installed. Add this line to the .bash_profile file in your $HOME directory at the end. alias python="python3" Doing so makes the changes to be reflected
  14. Hmmm. I'm stumped as to why this may be happening still. My knowledge of SSL/TLS doesn't extend this far and without being able to replicate this locally I'm struggling to offer further advice. The stack overflow link I thought was relevant is here. Plenty of possible solutions there, though as I said, without being able to replicate myself I can't tell which solution might help. I would recommend posting this issue on the github repo, perhaps someone else there can provide some further insight.
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