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  1. Folks, I'm new here. I need to do some conversions - extractions really, of text (.txt) from pages documents. So I've been looking at AppleScript, then I look into automator - some hundreds of these to do, so mechanisation needed. That led me to Alfred. Here I am. and here I'm stuck. Loaded the dmg, fire it up, read the help, been to the forum, logged in, had an experiment with the impressive search, so start making a workflow. The help text says to begin at the workflow tab of the preferences pane and add a new workflow. But I don't see such an option. Aha - workflows need advanced and subscription facilities for access to more stuff. I'm OK with that - I really am But, I don't see a way to experiment and trial the product without buying. Nothing I have come across suggests that Pages is supported. And if it is - can I use Alfred's capability ? Now - I come at this from a background that goes back to the very first IBM PC's and DOS 1.0 I have a bit of an expectation of documentation which lays out what is possible, the extent of what the tool will do, and a rock solid description to lead you through something - like 'Hello World' that will show the basics of the product. SO - do I have to buy something? or can someone say if I can control the Pages functionality with Alfred? Thanks all ARW
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