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  1. Indeed they seem to be completely lost... Can it for some reason have been moved? What could've cause this issue? Checking now I have Alfred, Alfred 2 and Alfred 3 – but no Alfred 4 in Application Support, is this helping in anyway? Thanks for replying.
  2. Hi, thanks for super fast reply. Unfortunately no other backup than the ZIP-file that I created from the "alfred app". I'm trying to locate Alfred.alfredpreferences but can't seem to find it? Do you have an exact location, I'm guessing it's inside the app?
  3. Hello. I restarted my computer, when I got back on I lost all my Web Search settings. Odd thing is that theme and snippets are still there. I have a zipped backup of Alfred 4, when I unzip and start this, I'm still not seeing my old Web Searches. Is it possible to recover this? I lost all my important links and searched for my job. Thanks in advance.
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