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  1. @vitor I run a discord server for vim users (Ran a virtual conference in 2020), so if you want help with setup etc. I am happy to assist!
  2. @vitor totally understand your points and they are valid. As @Floating.Point mentioned Discord could be adapted to our specific requirements of: Easy live audio chatting / screen sharing for office hours && not degrading the forums. You can open a discord with ONLY audio channels, no text channels. This way people can only come to hang out and chat/screen share in audio channels and not bifurcate the community with chat channels that will duplicate discussions happening here. Just a suggestion
  3. I think Discord would be the best. I tried actually to start an unofficial discord server for Alfred, wasnt successful at getting people on board. But its MUCH more comfortable for a community forum (in some respects) than a traditional forum like this. It also has built in 'voice' channels where people can hang out with their audio enabled. Perfect for this type of 'office hours' casual discussion program.
  4. Anyone know if its possible using appleScript to switch between mirroring and split screen when using an external monitor. I often switch when sitting at my desktop station between mirroring and split screen. Would love to make an Alfred workflow to automate this swap to a single command.
  5. Hi all, I was previously using a theme that had a light/dark entry in my alfred themes selector. As my mac would transition between light/dark according to the system clock my alfred theme would change. I downloaded a new theme from the community which has a light/dark variant but its no longer syncing with my system preference changes. Is there something specific I need to do that im missing to geth this to work.
  6. @deanishe thanks! That did the trick perfectly. Is this something that changed in a recent update because previously it worked regardless off the fact that this program is not located in /bin or /usr/bin... Either way thanks so much for the help!
  7. Hi there, I have been using a workflow that runs a script on my machine for about 6 months now. When using it today it no longer works. When checking the debug info alfred reports that this command cannot be found. The program does exist on my machine however and works of course when I run the script via a command line shell. I have the script using /bin/bash as the 'language', but have also tried switching to /bin/zsh to no avail. The command it cannot find is gshuf. Alfred version: 4.1.1 [1172] MacOS: 10.15.7 Not su
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