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  1. I know, @Vero, but that requires a custom keyboard shortcut to paste. It's not the same thing…
  2. Didn't make it to 4.1. Maybe in the next update? 🙏🏼
  3. Please don't call me crazy; I swear to God I dreamed about an Alfred update with this feature last night. 😲
  4. Hey @Vero, sorry for insisting, but this is the only thing missing in Alfred for it to be PERFECT for me. Any chance? 😬
  5. Hahahaha! Then I'll keep hoping @Vero does implement this on a future update. 😊
  6. I've separated them with two line breaks, but it doesn't make any difference in Alfred's merged paste. I also can't define ⌘C as a Hotkey for that Workflow, shouldn't it be that?
  7. This is the part that I have no idea how to organize, @vitor: https://d.pr/i/MHV3sA Cheers.
  8. I've never built a Workflow before, @vitor. I tried following your instructions, but it's not working. I must be doing something wrong, hehe.
  9. @vitor Sorry for "calling" you here, but can this be achieved via a workflow or the only option is to wait for it to be implemented in Alfred itself? Cheers.
  10. All good now, @vitor! Great work, thanks a lot.
  11. Unfortunately this new version isn't working as it should for me. It's always pasting the last thing I copy, @vitor.
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