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  1. Oh I just figured it out, I unchecked search all file types and I don't see them anymore lol. Thanks
  2. when I do a search on alfred on don't want these .js things to pop up, it clogs up the suggestions.
  3. is there a way for it not to get indexed in my searches? Theres so many of em lol
  4. Anyone know how remove these? It's really messing up my searches and theres a bunch of them. Anyone know why? Its mostly like chrome something.js
  5. @vitor @mr pennyworth I was looking for my search to be part of the workflow, where the query search gets saved into a google sheet. Like say if I have a workflow where I type in the ticker AAPL, it open the specific URLS, but then it adds AAPL in google sheets.
  6. Hi, is there a way for part of the workflow to save the query search and it adds it into a google sheet? If not possible any other way to track your query searches so you can refer back to it? Thanks.
  7. @vitor I dragged the back up file there and it worked thanks
  8. Apple repair wiped my all my data and now starting fresh, I was able to backup a file called Alfred preferences. When I opened Alfred for the first time is asked to migrate but it wouldn't let me choose the file to import cuz it asked for a taz or some file I didn't have. Now my Alfred is just stock and I don't know how to import the my Alfred preferences file. Could someone help me, I spent hours setting up Alfred and not sure if I lost everything.
  9. @Vero Thanks. My macbook currently in repair, will try it when I get it back.
  10. I was looking for a way to fire multiple websites with a query search of the same ticker symbol of a stock. Is that possible?
  11. You're the best deanishe, thanks For Edgar do you know how to search by ticker name? Typing out the company name can lead to alot of errors, if I type by ticker name I'll know for sure i'll get the result of what I'm looking for.
  12. Thanks but doesn't seem to work on other names for me, ideally would like to have a query search on the ticker name vs company name as theres alot of room for errors.
  13. There's some websites like https://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearch.html or https://www.tradingview.com/chart/ where I can't seem to insert a ticker symbol to get the result. I know if I put a ticker symbol after chart for tradingview you get a result but its not within the interactive chart. I was wondering if someone has solution for this? Or is there a way to do a query search on the search bar on that url page? I don't know how to code but I think its using javascript to update so the url doesn't change when u change the ticker symbol in the interactive chart. Thanks.
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