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  1. Hi, I'm not sure if the worflow is still being used and supported. I cannot log in, with the error below. When I type "lplogin" nothing happens, there is no notification etc. I'm on a recent updated Catalina's macbook pro. Would someone has an idea what's going on? Thanks a lot!
  2. Pretty simple to run from alfred but what if I want to take it one step further and have alfred look in the address bar? Let' say I'm on news.google.uk and I want alfred to look site: for "UK election" on the website I'm currently on. Would that be simple?
  3. Yeah, done that before. if it's only about creating api client id and secret on google, and editing few lines in the code. It's worth a shot. Thanks for guiding me to read again
  4. Yeah, that is the shame such workflow isn't there yet. I would like to figure out a metod to pass https://www.google.pl/search?q=site:*www*l+{query} to have alfred invoke google site search from the address bar or clipboard. However, i have no idea how to pass an address to the "site:" operator since it does not look as typical query in Google syntax.
  5. Unfortunately this does not work as expected. I'm getting info from Google that the application has yet to be approved.
  6. Thanks for explaining the concept clearly. I really hope they do but after having read another discussion here and poked at the apple developer forum, I have serious doubts.
  7. Hey vitor, Thanks for the nice workflow it seems here, I cmd+enter on a process does nothing, same for kill -15 *process name* Which macOS version are you on? Catalina 10.15.2 Which Alfred version are you on? Alfred 4 (latest version from the official website, downloaded 2 days ago) Which ProcessControl version are you on? (downloaded from this community readme)
  8. I confirm the mail searching function falls back to the web results on Catalina. I've enabled alfred the access to the whole disk but it still does not work
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