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  1. To reiterate, So what would be the currently best method of creating a portable workflow ? Looks like /usr/bin/env python3 is not the way to go since default paths are not including /usr/bin/local which brew populates with python3 which appears to be the most common way to get python3 into OSX. Furthermore, changing OXS's default $PATH looks like a bad idea both for portability and for OSXs apps predictability. Executing the python script after setting PATH inside a wrapper shell script is the quickest workaround, am I right in my understanding ? ( Although
  2. Upvoted Yeah, That's what I ended up doing 🤷‍♂️ Thanks 👍
  3. +1 Very useful to create conditional execution further on the workflow I'm using applescript to rerun workflows while a keyboard modifier is set and I have multiple keywords activating the workflow so I need to detect them to run them again see here for an example https://github.com/avielsh/alfred-catemoji-workflow
  4. Hi, I'm running a workflow that can be triggered by multiple keywords Further down the workflow I have a script needs to get the triggering keyword in order to perform different actions based on the different keywords. Is there a variable in alfred that holds the triggering keyword, or is there a way to assign it to a variable ? Thanks
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