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  1. I found the problem by my own. I didn't use the argument "with space"
  2. Hello, I would like to create a simple workflow. The trigger is the keywork "ssh". I enabled the additional argument. Afterwards I used the terminal command "ssh service@10.40.211.{query}". The problem is that as soon as I use the command "ssh 66" Alfred is opening a terminal session and uses "ssh service@10.40.211. 66". The space between 211. and 66 causes that I am not able to connect to this IP address via SSH. Is there any solution to delete space without advanced scripting knowledge. Best Regards Marcus
  3. Hello, I would like to use Alfred 2 to open the bookmarks in Firefox. Opening the bookmarks in Safari is already working fine but my preferred browser is firefox for MAC, therefore is there any chance to open bookmarks in FF instead of safari. It would be perfect if there would be a chance to use the FF bookmarks instead of the safari bookmarks but I would be also happy if anyone would be able to give me a hint howto open the safari bookmarks in ff. Best Regards Marcus
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