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  1. I forked it and added the fallback search, making it effectively usable for the rest of the world. Hope you add my pull into your master. [FORK DELETED:BC it's been implemented by atheos in his 1.2.0 release] https://github.com/Schneppi/CoronaTime
  2. Replace "state" with "Country_Region" and you can search for other Countrys uri = URI("https://services1.arcgis.com/0MSEUqKaxRlEPj5g/arcgis/rest/services/ncov_cases/FeatureServer/1/query?f=json&where=Country_Region%3D'#{encoded_state}'&outFields=Confirmed,Recovered,Deaths") Maybe @atheos can add a fallback search for Country/Region if a search for the state failed? :)
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