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  1. It seems bash is not finding your Python3 interpreter, so it is probably located somewhere else than where mine is. I've added a fix to search for logical placement of python interpreter, so hopefully that does it (v.1.2.3). If the fix doesn't work, make sure python3 is working (entering "python3" in terminal should suffice), as well as check where the interpreter lies ("which python"). You could also do a clean install of python3, I had a lot of different versions of python lying around, some by homebrew, and some old; and that eventually caused a lot of trouble, which was straightened out by the clean install.
  2. Great to hear it works! I guess time is one of the benefits of these corona times;)
  3. It seems one of your devices has a non-existing name (type None), which is what causes the crash. I've now updated to check whether name actually exists before attempting to call any actions on it. Version 1.2.2 (out now) should fix the problem for you. I'm a little unsure why the device doesn't appear to have a name; you could try running "blueutil --paired --format json-pretty" (note: double dashes) manually, to see if you can spot something abnormal in the output.
  4. Update: Version 1.2.1 (latest) now supports OneUpdater (https://github.com/vitorgalvao/alfred-workflows/tree/master/OneUpdater), which means workflow will check for and update automatically, every 4 days. Also faster device search/script filter
  5. Hi, Glad to hear the workflow is useful! Can you make sure you are typing the same thing as in the gif above? The format should be "btd", then space, followed by whatever device you are searching for. Just typing "btd" should give you a list of all the previously paired bluetooth devices. Also keep in mind that currently only results that are exact matches from the start of the word, are matched. That means "device" will not match the device "mydevice", but "mydev" will. I am working on changing this, but currently this is a limitation to the workflow you have to account for. Update: The newest release now includes smart search, i.e. it matches ever item where every search argument is found in the device name ("device" will now match "mydevice"; so will "device 45" for hypothetical device "mydevice tx45") If this doesn't help you: Could you run the workflow while in debug mode? Find the workflow in preferences, click the little spider on the top right, and then open the alfred search bar and type in what you would type to get the error. Copy whatever shows up in the debug text field, and paste it in the forum, so I can have a look at it. I've also already killed a bug, so I recommend you download the new release anyway (though the fix it is not related to your problem). Hope that helps!
  6. Hi, I was a bit tired of handling all my bluetooth devices manually, and couldn't find any cover-all bluetooth workflows out there, so I made this one. Features: Turn on/off/toggle bluetooth Connect to device from list of paired bluetooth devices Set favorite device for quick access User friendly notifications for all actions Dependencies (see README on git repo): Blueutil Python3 Feel free to give me feedback, and report bugs if you find any. Github: https://github.com/vegardinho/alfred_bluetooth_controller Download: https://github.com/vegardinho/alfred_bluetooth_controller/releases/latest Cheers, Vegard
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