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    vegardinho reacted to crisprcas in Bluetooth Controller   
    Works on Big Sur 11.0.1, clean install. Thanks a lot!
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    vegardinho got a reaction from cands in Bluetooth Controller   
    Thanks for the pull request and input!
    I've added a new release now with your improvements, so everything should work smoothly on prior macOS versions as well now.
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    vegardinho got a reaction from cands in Bluetooth Controller   
    It seems bash is not finding your Python3 interpreter, so it is probably located somewhere else than where mine is. I've added a fix to search for logical placement of python interpreter, so hopefully that does it (v.1.2.3).
    If the fix doesn't work, make sure python3 is working (entering "python3" in terminal should suffice), as well as check where the interpreter lies ("which python"). You could also do a clean install of python3, I had a lot of different versions of python lying around, some by homebrew, and some old; and that eventually caused a lot of trouble, which was straightened out by the clean install.
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    vegardinho got a reaction from JJJJ in Bluetooth Controller   
    I was a bit tired of handling all my bluetooth devices manually, and couldn't find any cover-all bluetooth workflows out there, so I made this one.

    Turn on/off/toggle bluetooth Connect to device from list of paired bluetooth devices Set favorite device for quick access User friendly notifications for all actions  
    Dependencies (see README on git repo):
    Blueutil Python3  
    Feel free to give me feedback, and report bugs if you find any.
    Github: https://github.com/vegardinho/alfred_bluetooth_controller
    Download: https://github.com/vegardinho/alfred_bluetooth_controller/releases/latest
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