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  1. My bad, messed up replacing the link. New version should work with that function!
  2. I got bored of fighting with Xcode to get to the documentation and look around for stuff so I created a simple workflow. Bulk of the code isn't mine as I got the main applescript here Just pulled it together as its nice to be able to search. Usage docs <keyword> - Searches documentation via XCode. Download http://cl.ly/2R3i0z1X2l2w
  3. Nice, looking at the trailer site it calls a simple URL to search for the trailers and returns a JSON string of them with posters. Might be able to parse that into alfred to search for and open trailers directly.
  4. Good idea, just updated it now to include that. Converts timestamp to standard date/time format!
  5. I created a simple workflow to copy the current timestamp (In seconds or milliseconds) to clipboard. Useful as a developer! http://cl.ly/001g0F3K0e2R Usage timestamp - Copies current time in seconds to clipboard timestampm - Copies current time in milliseconds to clipboard timestamp <timestamp> - Converts timestamp to readable date Feedback Let me know if theres any problems or feature requests! Cheers.
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