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  1. Hi there! I'm new to Alfred and trying to get everything setup nicely. I created a custom Web search to compose emails through a shortcut. The keyword for the shortcut is `mail`. It works fine… However, when I type `mail` in Alfred, it shows Apple's Mail.app in the results. I never use Apple's Mail and so want to get rid of it in the results. This thread from 9 years ago, The one in which you exclude files and folders from Alfred’s results: overview covers methods of ignoring files. But it didn't help: - I was able to add Mail.app to Spotlight's Privacy tab, but it didn't get rid of it in Alfred. - I'm confused about the "Alfred:ignore" technique: it says to add the note inside of the Get info window, inside the "Spotlight comment" field…but I have no such field there (and judging from web results it's probably an old feature.) Adding it to the regular comments field or to the tags field did not help. - And Mail.app cannot be deleted. Bottom-line: how can I exclude a specific file from Alfre'ds search results? Running macOS Mojave (10.14.2), if that's relevant. P.S.: of course, I could just use a different shortcut, but I want that one :)
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