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  1. I checked others settings but @deanishe's setting doesn't exist. I leave this info for somebody who look for the informations in the future.
  2. @deanishe for real....? okay, then I gonna dig in it. Thank you very much for your reply, it really helps me.
  3. @deanishe Sorry for trouble, but would you tell me your OS and alfred version?
  4. @deanishe Thank you very much for your reply, but it seems not. My System is OS: Mojave 10.14.6 Alfred: Alfred 4.0.9 PowerPack If it's not controllable in my version, I will change my system then (coz I love Alfred and like to use). I just wonder why and how.... As I stated in first comment, I already looked for all Library/Preferences/*.plist.
  5. @vitor Thank you very much for answering. And, Sorry that was not my question, I look for Alfred itself's hotkey. > Alfred Hotkey on Alfred Preferences It's option + space by defaults. If I changed Command + space, where the hot key will be stored?
  6. @vitor Any .... Ideas? I just want to know where alfred make it storaged.
  7. @vitor Ah, I'm not saying this is a problem. I'm just curious and trying automate it. This is Alfred-related, because I configure Alfred Hotkey on Alfred Preferences. I just would like to know where the configuration is stored.
  8. I know it used to be stored in .GlobalPreferences and the name was NSUserKeyEquivalents, but it's gone. I also tried to find out like "ls *.plist | defaults read" to list up all configurations in Library/Preferences and Library/Preferences/Byhost, but they never appeared. Any information is appreciated.
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