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  1. It seems like one of the biggest bottlenecks day to day is the process of searching through a number of different places to find personal information. Most of us have info collected in a number of different places: - Google Drive - local drive - bookmarks - Evernote - that other app you hardly use any more - etc With Spotlight, a query shows results from a few different places that have been indexed. It doesn't seem that you can add additional places. It doesn't seem that Alfred can do this, either. What is your solution to this
  2. It's working for me. 1. Bring up Alfred 2. Type "ns " and then your search term. 3. After a small delay, the results populate.
  3. Could this be used somehow to query multiple workflows at one time? My dream is to be able to query globally, to get results from multiple search engines as well as Alfred workflows that query other sites/apps. How might I adapt this to accomplish that? Or is there a better way? Thanks so much!
  4. Hi all! I appreciate your help with this challenge. This may be super obvious and easy. How can you add a workflow to default search? Here's what I mean. I added an awesome workflow called Notion.so Instant Search Workflow so that typing "ns {query}" will search my Notion account. I love it. I hope to also include these Notion workflow search results in my Alfred searches for everything: - I hope to just type my query into Alfred and then see a mixed list of local files and Notion pages. - A second best option would be if I could type a different
  5. This is beautiful, @wrjlewis You're amazing! In the readme you mention: Please clarify where, or just provide the full script, for simplicity. It isn't quite working for me. Thanks so much!!
  6. Hi there! I wonder if anyone uses Alfred with a tool that "bookmarks" everything: files, bookmark urls, photos, notes, etc. My goal is to easily search for files/resources of all kinds, all at once. I am hoping to quicksearch for names and content, and to instantly find suggestions of all types. To make this as effective as possible, I'm exploring tools that will offer advanced tools (tags, etc) for "universal bookmarking" of files, bookmark urls, etc: - Pocket - RainDrop - Memex - Dropbox? - Evernote? - Etc What tools and workf
  7. Thank you for these tremendously helpful responses! Here are some further points from Alfred support, that may be helpful for anyone else wondering about this stuff: Great tips!
  8. Hi all! I'd like thoughtful help to consider privacy with Alfred. Access When we give permissions, whatever we give the app access to — where might that info be sent, and how is that transparent? Ideally, I'd love to know for certain that my local data is sent nowhere. Safeguarding On a similar note, what would be a wise safeguard for my private data? Creating a separate user, which Alfred does not have access to? Some other approach? Thanks! Alfred seems awesome, and I appreciate the help!
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