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  1. I just downloaded your workflow and quickly stepped through all the options - it looks really good, thank you for sharing your work. I did get one error though ... I then read about the use-of options and ran use-of-3, but the result was the same. I am running Omnifocus 3.6.4 and Alfred 4.0.9 on macOS Mojave 10.14.6
  2. Sorry to hear that. As I stated earlier, the only change that I made was to escape quotes (") in group names, so if deleting your groups with quotes (") didn't help then I don't have any more insight. I made the change in the script, dtp-list-groups.applescript, which I believe is the only AppleScript in the WorkFlow. If this doesn't make sense, best wait for @brunoc but it isn't going to help with your other groups.
  3. @nestorito any changes that I made will only address group names with quotes(") which break the workflow according to @brunoc Here is how I found my groups that contain quotes (") Hope this helps.
  4. @brunoc I think this works: The strategy is to escape the quote (") as (\") as required for JSON. All I did was introduce a "findAndReplaceInText" generic routine for replacing text in strings from the Mac Automation Scripting Guide which can then be used to escape the group name strings. I used that routine in your "addToGroups" to replace any quotes (") within "theName" to (\"). The routine string parameters are actually "\"", and "\\\" To add a single quote to a string in AppleScript already requires it be specified as \"
  5. @brunoc from what I can see, you're much better than me! Maybe someone else will be able to help out, and I will take a look myself. If I make any progress I will share it with you.
  6. @brunoc I just did a proof of concept test using my small test database that has the problematic group name 1. I ran "dtp" and forced the cache to update - it failed, as usual, because of the extra quote ("). 2. I then went to the cache and edited the "broken" jsonOutput by inserting a backslash (\) in front of the extra quote (") 3. I then reran "dtp" and this time there was no error and everything works as expected ... until the cache updates. Here is the window showing the group name with the internal quote ("). Selecting
  7. @brunoc I have looked at my databases and I do have some groups with a quote (") in the name, and that is causing the problem. I created a small test database containing a group with a quote (") in the name. I then stepped through your script: dtp-list-groups.applescript (outside of Alfred) and captured the jsonOutput. I then looked at that data with a JSON formatter and I get an error unless: 1. I manually delete the extra quote (") 2. I manually insert a backslash (\) in front of the quote (") I see how an extra quote would cause problem
  8. ... not working again (no DT groups are listed as indicated in previous screenshots) and now I have enabled debug and get the following error: [18:00:14.034] ERROR: DEVONthink Browser[Script Filter] JSON error: Badly formed object around character 185584. in JSON: {"items": [{"uid":"C6CB480C-35A4-4C ... ... ...[truncated] This is the first and only debug message after "logging started" and is thrown as soon as dtp is typed within Alfred. If I hit return to force the cache to refresh, clear the debug window and type dtp a second time I still get the same erro
  9. I tried again today and all seems well. I really don't know what changed. I did see a "waiting for DEVONthink" message just before it "dropped out" of the dtp workflow before. I saw that same message today, but this time all went well. I really love the "Move to DEVONthink" file functionality combined with the group search - thanks again @brunoc!
  10. Thanks @brunoc - I downloaded your workflow a few days ago and, after waiting for the cache to refresh, all seemed well. However, a few days later I went to use the workflow again and unfortunately couldn't get it to work correctly as it had before. Here is a sequence of screenshots that show how it is failing for me. I haven't tried to debug the workflow on my end because I have no expertise but would be happy to run any tests that might help you understand what is going on. I was particularly excited by the file actions and am motivated to do whatever I
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