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  1. Added support for Microsoft Edge - here you go πŸ™‚
  2. That's what i use. It had to be there πŸ™‚
  3. Thanks! Found the problem and it's fixed. You can wait for the workflow to auto-update (in max 2 days) or get the latest release (1.0.5, for now) from here https://github.com/vinaywadhwa/justwatch-alfred/releases . If you are interested in more details - The "API" this workflow uses (justwatch) sends some bad data for some titles. - The workflow now expects and handles the bad data better in the latest release (1.0.5, just released), all thanks to your report πŸ‘πŸΌ
  4. Seems like the API the workflow uses is glitching sometimes. Are you able to consistently reproduce it for a specific movie/tv-show name? It fails πŸ’― percent of the times for "unbelievable" for you?
  5. @Bemawr Got some suggestions from the community. Trying to make the most of quarantine time πŸ™‚ Auto-Update is one of the things i added in the 4 updates πŸ™‚ .. So you need to manually update one .. last .. time ! and then it'll auto update forever.
  6. Glad you like it! Feel free to spread the word πŸ™‚
  7. Looks like we solved it. Coool. Thanks!
  8. I learnt that while researching the forums while building this workflow. Pretty cool. Couldn't use it because i was not using the requests library myself. Its a dependency for a 3rd party library this workflow uses. Didn't want to go through the trouble of rewriting the library itself. Also, the total size of my workflow is 1MB which seemed reasonable. Would consider using this lightweight version in the next one. Thanks!
  9. @lari @Bemawr @edbro A new release is out. Hopefully, this shall fix it all. Please get the latest release (1.0.2) from here https://github.com/vinaywadhwa/justwatch-alfred/releases and see if it works for you? Again, thanks a ton for letting me know about the problems. You just might have saved many other users a lot of time and frustration.
  10. @shadyabhi Great. Glad you like it. @Bemawr I guess i missed some other dependency. Still trying to wrap my head around packaging alfred workflows. Noob Alert πŸ™‚ Did you try deleting and reinstalling the new version? That might fix it, since its working for some people? Let me know how that goes. I'll try to figure it out. Maybe @deanishe can help speed things up. Lets see. Watch this space.
  11. Hey, i guess your problem is something else. Could you help me with the error logs? In case you don't know, this is how you can see the logs - https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/utilities/debug/ Can copy paste here, if you can.
  12. Hey guys - Thanks for trying the workflow. Sorry for the error. Could you give the latest version a try and see if it works now? I tried fixing the dependencies. Get the latest release from here (1.0.1, as of now) - https://github.com/vinaywadhwa/justwatch-alfred/releases
  13. Just Watch - Alfred Workflow Alfred workflow to easily find where to stream your movies/tv-shows. Based on an unofficial JustWatch API. βš› Features Find where to stream your favourite movies and tv shows in an instant. No more logging into each of Netflix, Prime Video et al to check where a movie or tv-show is available. Search by region. Default region: AU (see instructions below to setup your region) Quick look - to enlarge movie posters or preview listing urls. βœ… Install Download and open the workflow file using Alfred. Get the latest release from here : https://github.com/vinaywadhwa/justwatch-alfred/releases P.S.: You need to buy the Powerpack to use this workflow. πŸ›  Setup: Set your Country Code in the workflow variables. Default country code/locale : AU ..and that's it. Start discovering right away! πŸ‘¬ Contribution Report issues Open pull request with improvements Spread the word Reach out with any feedback PS: Thanks to @deanishe for the workflow libs and thumbnail loading ideas.
  14. Go Incognito/Private - Alfred Workflow Re-Open current browser tab in Incognito/Private mode with a keyboard shortcut. Install Download and open the workflow file using Alfred. Get the latest release from here : https://github.com/vinaywadhwa/Go-Incognito-Private---Alfred/releases P.S.: You need to buy the Powerpack to use this workflow. Supported Browsers Safari Google Chrome Google Chrome Canary Opera Vivaldi Brave Browser Note Firefox not supported, for now, sorry! This is why. Please reach out if you need other Chrome/Safari based browsers supported.
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