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  1. I just tried out Alfred, in order to create a few sample workflows to go with my own app "Find Any File". When going thru the workflow examples, I was delighted to see how easy it is to use the current Clipboard or Find Pasteboard when using a keyboard trigger. However, when using a keyword trigger, there is no such similar option offered. It took me quite a while to see that there is no way to get the Find Pasteboard with the {…} macros. Since there is already one for {clipboard}, I'd think adding one like {findpasteboard} shouldn't be too difficult, right?
  2. In 2015 I made an Automator action "Run Service" that lets you invoke Services that work on text or files. See https://blog.tempel.org/2015/09/RunServiceForAutomator.html and https://github.com/tempelmann/RunServiceActionForAutomator
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