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  1. Out of interest - and this is probably not the right place for this question - have the Alfred creators considered offering a formal in-app curated repository of trusted and/or managed workflows with one-click installs (with the obvious disclaimer that these are third-party provided, etc)?
  2. This hint was good. It turns out that apb was somehow clashing with my third party Bluetooth mouse. After disconnecting the mouse, apb now correctly reads my AirPods battery levels, even after re-connecting my mouse. Not sure where the bug is though, as it's clearly looking for "Minor Type: Headphones" in the script.
  3. For some reason it doesn't work for me. The 0% reading for the left ear is certainly not right. Any ideas?
  4. I've been able to do this by opening the "/new" URL in the default browser, and then using AS to query the current URL of the active browser and put it on the clipboard. I can't find any way to open a URL without bringing the browser to the foreground.
  5. Yeah, that's what I thought. But nevermind, it works. Haha, that's a hack if ever I saw one.
  6. Yeah, I know a regex approach would be much nicer, wasn't sure how to get that right in Alfred. Particularly given that it's a bit trickier, as the `?pwd=(.+)` component is optional. I cheated again by replacing `https://.+/j/(\d+)(\?(pwd=(.+)))?` with `zoommtg://zoom.us/join?confno=$1&$3`. If the URL has no `?pwd` the `zoommtg` URI still ends up with a trailing `&`, but that doesn't affect anything. Is there a cleaner way in native regex/Alfred (apart from using another Replace)? Apologies, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do inline code on this forum.
  7. You're right, it was easy (this is literally one of the first workflows I've played with so I'm still not that with what Alfred can do natively). I had to use one replace after your conditional to go from "https://zoom.us/j/1234567890?pwd=aodw98da7d" to "zoommtg://zoom.us/join?confno=1234567890?pwd=aodw98da7d" and then another one to just change the "?pwd=" to "&pwd=". I currently only handle the subdomainless Zoom URLs, as I haven't come across the other ones you've got a regex for (those will simply go through the browser as normal). Not the most elegant but it does work.
  8. It closed as soon as I typed .vc, but I didn't consider trying to paste the whole command in. I didn't know it was due to the cache at the time. btw, one other potentially nice to have: if users have Zoom installed (many will, especially if they plan to be using this kind of Alfred workflow), you can auto-join the meeting in the Zoom application, without having to go through the stupid step of loading the Zoom page in your browser and then it simply launching the Zoom application from there. Just call this URI: zoommtg://zoom.us/join?confno={id}&pwd={pwd} Obviously this requires parsing out the Zoom meeting ID (and optional password) from the regex'd link. I also noticed that your Zoom regex seems to follow a different format to some of the Zoom meeting URLs I'm seeing, which are in the format: https://zoom.us/j/1234567890?pwd={pass}.
  9. I wasn't even able to do that, because as soon as I typed '.vc' it would crash. But I've managed to get it working now (and shouldn't be a problem for any users moving forward). Thanks again.
  10. Also not entirely sure if it's something due to my calendar set, but it takes 3 or so seconds for it to show the calendar event when I Cmd-Enter.
  11. @deanishe I cheated and removed the get_icon call for now 😜 Not sure which icons that's supposed to fetch?
  12. I like the addition of being able to show events in calendar. I'm getting the following error in the new version: video-conferences.py", line 258, in main icon=icons.get_icon(d['colour'])) KeyError: 'colour'
  13. Understood! Well, I appreciate you taking on this challenge, I think given the current number of people working from home, hopefully others will find it as useful as I think I will. I'll take a closer look at the Python sometime.
  14. lol, apologies. I was so excited that I just installed and played with it, glanced through the code for 30 seconds, with screaming kids in the background. RTFM. Just played with it again with lookahead_days set to 1 and it seems to work perfectly. Will battle test it all day Monday Couldn't find this workflow on your Git to make a PR, but here's the regex for a Google Meet URL: https://meet\.google\.com/[a-z-]+
  15. @deanishe that's pretty awesome stuff. I'm new to Alfred and AppleScript, so wasn't going anywhere fast with my attempts. My feedback would be: I'd ideally only show the next meeting, and the current meeting (in case it's just started, or I'm late for it). The reason for this is that I probably have no reason to be finding URLs for meetings much later, let alone after today. It would also be cool to be able to either whitelist which calendars to include - or - to be able to exclude certain calendars (e.g. shared ones) by name. But you've pretty much nailed it. My workflow for this would be: a meeting is coming up (or has just started), you hit ".vc <enter>" and boom, you're in. Nice work on your other workflows too.
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