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  1. @dsavvinov Wow that's pretty perfect mate! Two things: Multiple Google accounts I am signed in to two Google accounts (personal and work). By default it creates a meet link for my personal account but I'd like to choose. If I change the URL to be "meet.google.com?authuser=1" it creates the meet from the correct account, but it breaks the Workflow somewhere. How can I fix this? Automatic check on timeout failure Out of the box I've had to increase the delay because I wasn't able to copy the URL successfully. At 5secs is fairly safe. At a failure due to timeout, is there a way it could automatically check the active URL in Chrome for something that starts with "https://meet.google.com" but isn't "meet.google.com/new" and if it is, copy that URL and pass to Alfred? If that's possible, would it be easy to ignore auto-generated URLs from google meet which happen to start with "/new" (example: meet.google.com/new-url-exa)
  2. Google Meet just had an update where you're able to create a new Google Meet room using "https://meet.google.com/new". So this workflow pretty much works as-is if you update the endPoint URL. ... set endPoint to "https://meet.google.com/new" ... The only issue I've run into (which I don't know how to fix) is the Copy to Clipboard step (where the workflow automatically copies the meet URL to the clipboard). If I only have one window open the workflow works correctly regardless of how many tabs are open. But if I have multiple windows open (which is always the case given I work from two monitors) the URL that is pasted to the clipboard isn't from the Active Window. It instead copies a URL from the active tab from another window (it seems to target the first Chrome window). Hopefully that makes sense and someone is able to help out?
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