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  1. What do you mean, @vitor? To bundle the `navi` binary with the workflow? That would work, but navi heavily relies on env vars and stuff, so you probably want to source `~/.bashrc` in both cases. And if you're going to source `~/.bashrc` then it's best to have navi installed globally because that will work in the terminal as well. Does that make sense?
  2. @deanishe, thanks for the comments! 1) the `~/.bashrc` loading is to add binaries installed via Homebrew to your $PATH (assuming that you used Homebrew to install navi + Homebrew is configured for your bash session) 2) would you mind opening a PR? I'll gladly accept any improvements 3) given your use case, you'll probably be more interested in the shell widget: https://github.com/denisidoro/navi#shell-widget
  3. navi An interactive cheatsheet tool for the command-line and Alfred. Download link and instructions: https://github.com/denisidoro/navi navi allows you to browse through cheatsheets (that you may write yourself or download from maintainers) and execute commands. Argument suggestions are prompted to you. Pros it will make you type less; it will spare you from knowing CLIs by heart; it will teach you new one-liners. It uses fzf, skim, or Alfred under the hood and it can be either used as a command or as a shell widget (à la Ctrl-R).
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