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  1. Transmit is syncing via dropbox and the sql and xml files are in the same directory, but the sql file hasn't been updated since November, but I just deleted a favourite so it updated the xml file.
  2. The script works (it says I can't connect to ftp.panic.com, but loads the desktop in the left side and tries to connect. The workflow does show a notification that it's "connecting to favourite" but doesn't say what favourite. Is that where the problem is? Is it not passing the favourite to transmit to connect to?
  3. I'm using Mavericks 10.9 and Transmit 4.4.5 and the workflow lists the favourites but when I select on it opens a new transmit window and stops there. It don't actually load the favourite.
  4. Is there a way to create a workflow that would display the current upload and download traffic like the information you can get by viewing the network tab in the activity monitor?
  5. Secure Copy http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/423-secure-copy-workflow/ or http://alfred.daniel.sh for saving me from having to remember my common scp transfer directories
  6. alfredextension files are for version 1 of Alfred. Alfred v2 uses alfredworkflow files.
  7. Sorry I should have been more specific. I have more than one machine that I access via ssh so originally I had my router forward port 2222 to the correct machine at port 22. So I just changed the router settings so that machine is now port 22. I just wanted to remove the port from the list of possible problems. I added the server to Alfred using the command below: scp add htpc-tv user password address.no-ip.info /media/video/downloads/post-process/television / I tried it with and without a / at the end of the path and I just use a / for the baseurl If I type the following a terminal window it works. So it shouldn't be an issue on the receiving end: scp file.dmg user@address.no-ip.info:/media/video/downloads/post-process/television/ Scott P.S. Sorry to keep bothering you, I just think this is such a cool workflow and would use it frequently if I could get it to work.
  8. Thanks, I thought that's what baseurl might mean, but thought it might be a required field (I just put a / in place for the base url) but it's still not working to send files to my NAS. I can scp in a terminal window using the same details. Before I would put up a notification within a second of executing and now it's not giving me a notification after I changed the port to the default 22 thinking the port might have been the problem. Any ideas? Activity monitor doesn't show any significant activity (using 300mb and 3mb files to test) and the file isn't showing up on the other end.
  9. Excellent idea for a workflow. Unfortunately I'm new to scp and don't know what to put for [baseurl] when creating favourites.
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