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  1. Ok let me explain better. I have a simple workflow that starts a timer via keyword. Basically it's a time tracker. I start/stop the workflow every time I begin/finish working on something. My problem is that sometimes I forget to stop the timer and this is a problem. I supposed to create a gif floating image that will be opened once I start the time tracking, as a reminder of the tracking status. You're solution are good, but the question is: how to do this via workflow or script?
  2. Hello dear 🙂 I would like create a workflow that opens a gif image , and force it to stay always on top and floating on my desktop. Example, if 'd go fullscreen, the image stay always on top. Is that possible? Thanks
  3. Simply this workflow is incredible! Is there a way to split a single audio into tracks? Like a complete album to songs. Thank you
  4. Thank you ! 🙂 ps. your MPD workflow simple saved my life 🙂
  5. Hello, very basic question. I have a script filter in PHP that show something. When I call the Script Filer Alfred shows other result based on query typed . I would like to show ONLY the output of the script php. How do this? thank you
  6. Hello guys, I created a workflow with an external trigger. I would like to launch that trigger when user press the media key "Forward or Next" on Mac Keyboard. My Idea is to launch an applescript that launches the trigger, but how call the script by pressing "Next" button? How Can I do this? thank you very much
  7. Hello mates, thank you for your support. I solved in a simple way. 1) created a external trigger that do something 2) Created a script with AS that call launch the triggger 2) created file .plist to load it into launchd that simple run every 6 hours (21600 seconds) I highly recommend to install LaunchControl app from Brew Cask, that helps you a lot configuring launchd. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.d
  8. Tricky question. I would like to launch a my personal workflow once a day , randomly, between two times (example random from 9:PM to 20:00 every day). I read that probably I have to use launchd for Mac . Is there something like this already did? Thank you
  9. Final thing: ALL SOLVED. Simply I put a simple script at the end " tell application "Preview" to quit It works perfectly. Thank you dude. 🙂
  10. Solved the final image about sound playing (thank you for your comment inside the code), but how to close all the image at the end??
  11. Great! Works perfecly. I added my Script Filter and it is awesome. The only thing, I don't know why but it seems the last image doesn't play sound (only the last one) and also stay opened (It should be closed after the time is expired) Anyway this is great . really Thank you you're so kind and gentle
  12. WOWOWWOWOWOW DEAN! You're so great! Thank you very much mate, much appreciated 🙂 May I ask you something to add???? -Can I choose different directory based on a List Filter choice in Alfred? (I assume to have 4 different directory with different images) Example (models, heads, hands, other) -Can you show the image in full screen mode?? -Optional: because I don't have any signal, may you play a sound in the half of time and another one just before the end for every image shown? I hope this don't bother you.
  13. wow. So simple? Example: keyword 30 5 this show 5 random images from a specific directory for 30 second each one in preview
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