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  1. Ah, thanks Vero. I'm not using Karabiner but your comment reminded me that yes, I have remapped the lock screen keyboard shortcut using Prefs > Keyboard > App Shortcuts! Thanks for the help, I had forgotten that I had had to change the mapping for 'Lock Screen' because it conflicted with another app. So I guess this means Alfred uses a simulated keyboard shortcut to activate the screen lock? Is there any way I can work around that? Can I customize the shortcut that Alfred triggers?
  2. Hi Andrew Alfred is already present under 'Prefs > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Automation' (as per the screenshot). For 'Prefs > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility' I used [+] to manually add Alfred 4, however this made no difference. The Alfred 'Lock' command still does nothing.
  3. Hi. For some reason the 'Lock' option doesn't work. Alfred version: 4.0.9 [1144] I have checked the permissions using 'Request permissions...'. Under 'Automation' I have this: and under 'Accessibility' there is no Alfred icon/checkbox at all. I tried checking the Console.app whilst running the 'Lock' option from Alfred. The only thing I see in the log from Alfred is a few of these when I start typing: "Starting query at qos 0x19" When I select 'Lock', there is nothing added to the Console.app log.
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