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  1. I have no idea, it works for me. It's old OSX but I'd be surprised if that's the reason.
  2. Yeah, it was meant as log for debugging. It should've been removed. I commited new version that does that. Sorry.
  3. I updated workflow with new emojis from iOS 8.3 and simplified script itself
  4. Search Pinboard bookmarks using basic and small query language: logical operators: and, or, not #tag keywords: unread, How to and source on GitHub: https://github.com/bevesce/Pinboard-search
  5. I don't know. But inserting a symbol on hotkey is the simplest thing in the world: just join Trigger > Hotkey and Outputs > Copy to clipboard.
  6. It bothered me for some time too. I did some profiling and most of the time my scripts is spending on retrieving tags of selected files. I cutted some of not necessary calls to that function and it reduced time that scripts works by factor of two, but it was not fast enough. If you check out newest update I added atag keyword that have the same functionality that tag keyword has but it doesn't displays any tags of selected files at all, which reduces time approximately 300-500 times and it's really fast (0.002s on my MacBook) but still inserting tags isn't instantaneous and I don't think that I can do anything more, it's just how Alfred works. Let me know how it works for you after update, because I'm not sure myself.
  7. Convert currency Alfred workflow and python script that converts currencies using http://www.google.com/ig/calculator it's way faster than https://www.google.com/finance/converter Converter works offline, when there is no internet connection currency exchange rate from the last time when script/workflow were used to convert given pair of currencies. Usage Just type keyword and argument: 10 usd in jpy - displays yen and favorite currencies 10$€ - displays euro and favorite currencies 10 usd - displays favorite currencies 10 - uses default currency - can be specified in convertcurrency.py no argument - uses default currency and 1 as amount Tapping return ↩ in workflow pastes result of conversion to active application. Tapping command+return ⌘+↩ marks currency as favorite - it will be automatically displayed always when converter Download: https://github.com/bevesce/Convert-Currency/raw/master/Convert%20Currency.alfredworkflow Source: https://github.com/bevesce/Convert-Currency
  8. The newest update isn't Alfred related but anyhow I added new script to utilities that import todos from Reminders.app. That allows to put new items in Inbox with Siri on iOS. Priorities, notes, creation, due and remind me dates, are preserved.
  9. Find and paste unicode symbols. I included a lot of them, like really a lot, over 20k I think, but for me workflow works pretty fast. Symbol can be pasted as symbol (mh...), in html encoding, as python string and as unicode code point. Download: https://github.com/bevesce/unicode-symbols-search/raw/master/Symbols.alfredworkflow Source: https://github.com/bevesce/unicode-symbols-search
  10. So ok, new commit supports adding whole folders of scripts to workflow in the same way as text files. Folder itself is displayed on the list - to allow removal. It's not feature used by me so I would appreciate eventual bug reports.
  11. You can put your code to file that's stored in workflow folder and parameterize it instead of keeping two copies.
  12. Great idea! Some suggestion: it would be cool if user could set if bookmark should be shared with Action Modifier. (and it's really easy to add)
  13. Simple alfreds file search won't work because it wouldn't be possible to pass arguments to scripts. I opted for adding individual scripts manually as more flexible way, I don't need to add whole folders of them but maybe I'll implement it when I'll have some free time.
  14. Oh, yeah, I managed to forgot about most important part. It's in first post now.
  15. Can anyone explain me why sending messages in this workflow has so many if-else statements? I wrote workflow that displays all contacts from Adium in Alfred and allows to send message, but my sending is in two lines and seems to work but maybe I don't know something (well, I know nothing about applescript despite using it in this...).
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