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  1. And I finally managed to solve my issue by following one of this commit that does a change within the decrypt.py : https://github.com/sadovnychyi/alfred-chrome-passwords/commit/0e560c8e66804619a23eb8587d9f5fba3f3d1705 It was not included into the latest release which is why it could work as expected Happy to have solve my own problem, feel free to erase this thread if you feel it won't be useful to someone else Cheers!
  2. I actually just found - among closed issues - a message from the author saying it has been resolved in another project - message link: https://github.com/sadovnychyi/alfred-chrome-passwords/issues/1 - other project link: https://github.com/sadovnychyi/chrome-passwords-cli/blob/master/pass#L42-L48 I have tried to edit decrypt.py manually, but that's not straight forward 😕
  3. Hi there, I found this great alfred workflow that retrieves passwords stored in your keychain when querying a website domain (https://github.com/sadovnychyi/alfred-chrome-passwords) The workflow works pretty well but it always includes hexadecimal characters within the returned string (e.g. "mypassword<0x01>") Some websites ignore them which is cool, some others don't and consider the entered password is wrong. The repo has been inactive for a while now, I believe the issue lies under the decrypt.py file But since my coding skills are limited, I
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