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  1. Thank you both. I apologise for it not working before, I had changed a variable name last night that I forgot to update everywhere — I’ve only noticed it this morning when I tried to use it and it wasn’t working. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I’m thinking of adding support for multiple lists (so you can have, for example, different lists for movies, short videos, and books), but this would require an extra step when adding to Alfred, even if I have a default list, so I’m still not sure if it’d be worth it (adding some friction seems to defeat the purpose of this, but on the
  2. Seems to be a bit cleaner, yes. I’ll update the previous answer. Thank you. Got it to work by doing defaults read "$(pwd)/info" bundleid Do you use a different method?
  3. There was a bug with adding to list. It’s now fixed (should auto‐update, if you use Alleyoop).
  4. Why not do “⌘Y”? Do it, start typing and press “return”, wouldn’t it work just as well (perhaps even faster)?
  5. vitor


    Thank you. I’m glad you liked it.
  6. I know the feeling, applescript always makes me hate the time I spend with it. If you work better with something like bash, what I recommend is that you do most of your script with it, and when you need applescript call it by doing osascript -e '<applescript_code_here>'
  7. Personally, I think cclive is a superior downloader, but yes, most people may prefer youtube‐dl (I think it’s more popular). Also, I don’t known if you’re interested, but I solved the “pick a browser” issue with PinAdd, in case you want to implement it, or want to some help to do it. It currently supports Chrome, Chrome Canary, Safari, and Webkit. You need an extra step (only the first time) to configure it, but it’s easier for you to maintain just one script. If you’re interested, take a look at the code (lines 16 through 30 are the relevant ones).
  8. vitor


    Here’s the theme I made for myself. Link shorteners cut my name (probably because of the “í” and “ã”), so that is why you’ll see “Unknown” in the name, but I think the important parts of the theme are there — if you notice anything different from the screenshot, please let me know. Download
  9. Keep a list of audiovisual content to watch and listen to. We often have series of videos and streams that we’d like to watch but not necessarily keep after, but tracking which we’ve already seen (and are thus safe to delete) can be a chore. Select in the Finder the files or directories you wish to add to your list and apply the file action Add to watchlist. If the move_on_add Workflow Environment Variable is set, the items will be moved to that directory. Items will be prepended or appended to the list, depending on the add_item_order Workflow Environment Variable. Alternatively,
  10. I think I’m finished (added options to configure without the need for manually editing the file, and support for more browsers). Since I don’t use the service, there’s really not an easy way to test it. Are you interested? This doesn’t really add anything to the script that you’d need, so I can ask for anyone else on the forum, if you prefer.
  11. Update (hopefully the last one you’ll have to care about, for a while). It should now auto‐update using Alleyoop. It also stores your settings in a non‐volatile directory — this means they won’t sync with the rest of the workflow (if you store it on Dropbox), but you won’t have to reenter your preferences every time you update.
  12. That’s it? That’s ridiculous(ly easy). This should really be somewhere more prominent. I don’t even need all the options of that script, I just made a prefsDirScript with #!/bin/bash bundleID=$(/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Print :bundleid" "info.plist") prefsDir="${HOME}/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/${bundleID}" if [[ ! -d "${prefsDir}" ]]; then mkdir "${prefsDir}" fi and I source that.Thank you for your help.
  13. So here’s what I’m trying to do. I have some workflows (including another I’ll share as soon as I can solve this) that need some files (config and others) that should not be written‐over after updates. It is my understanding that you can have your bundle ID serve as the directory in Alfred where to store these files, but I can’t find any simple examples on how to effectively do this. For this specific workflow, I have a file — list.txt — that’s updated (lines appended, delete, modified) with almost every action. It’s already fully working, but in doing options like if [[ this ]]; then r
  14. There’s also an imgur workflow, which may be more in line with what you want.
  15. Do you have a github repo for this? There are some details of my PinAdd workflow that I think would be nice additions to this — configuring without the need to manually alter the script, and support for more browsers (each of them needs a different Applescript way of getting the frontmost tab url). If not, would you mind if I took a crack at it?
  16. I’ve seen that code of yours before (in fact, I’d like to be able to do a variation on it), but it still has a fundamental difference — it needs the terminal, which means it’ll still make you wait, if you do not have it open. Even though I run a lot of commands, I do not like to keep the terminal open at all times. To me, if it’s open it means it’s doing something, which is one of the clues I use while I work. This workflow scratches a specific itch, when I want to run quick commands, but waiting for the terminal to start is annoying.
  17. This was now consolidated into RunCommand, so you should download that instead.
  18. You’re right. I prefer to store it in the workflow’s directory so it syncs, but I can certainly understand the decision to keep it there.
  19. That’s also how I’ve set it up to work in PinAdd. Another advantage of it is that it’s also easier to update, since every time you want to push a new version you simply remove that file from the directory, instead of having to manually remove the key from the script.
  20. When you have two commands (“gh” and “gh_auth”) people will constantly see the auth command when wanting to do the other, which in my view adds some unnecessary visual clutter (seeing as it’s a command that’ll only be run once). I’d make a suggestion, which is similar to what I’ve implemented on PinAdd — make it an action modifier
  21. It can still be seen as a security risk (albeit only in very specific cases). Since it’s saved in plaintext, someone can still snoop around (not to mention it’ll probably be uploaded do Dropbox). Maybe there’s an easy way to do it via OAuth.
  22. Update. Previously this would get your command and run it with the files as arguments at the end. You can now pick where the file arguments should go in the command (this is optional), by using “{}” (original post updated to reflect this information). Thank you. It now outputs a notification by default, with the output of the command. This way it can show a notification when you ask (when using “‐v”, for example), and not when you don’t.
  23. You’re right, I thought I had tested for that. Thank you, it’s now fixed.
  24. Provides both a File Action to run shell commands on selected files/directories and a Keyword to run them on the current directory. It will detect your default shell, and if it’s bash, zsh, tcsh, csh, or fish, it’ll load the appropriate startup files and your aliases. For the File Action, use Alfred to pick what you want to run a command on and choose Run command. Alfred’s main window will appear and you simply type the command you want. For the Keyword, type . followed by a command. A space between the period and the command is not necessary. This will run the command on th
  25. LastPass runs only in the browser and needs decryption, so it can be a bit tricky, as you’d probably need to communicate with it via the extension. Also, bear in mind that the 1Password integration doesn’t do everything (like copying passwords directly), with reason. I somehow doubt Alfred will integrate with LastPass, at least in the near future, but if it’s possible/feasible, your best bet is to make a request for a workflow.
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