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  1. Making a Workflow to control the whole of Control Centre isn’t easily feasible. Apple has been crippling macOS’ automation abilities and the Control Centre isn’t a monolith, but rather several different things. For controlling Do Not Disturb there are a few Workflows (I have one). For the other tasks, you’ll need to find specific Workflows for each.
  2. @Dvisic Perfect. Everything is working as intended. Thank you for checking.
  3. Update. Readded transfer.sh. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
  4. You’re looking in the wrong place. As @deanishe said: Go into the Network tab of the Developer Tools. Leave it open and clear. Do a search on the website. You’ll notice (in this case) that a json was retrieved. Right click it and Copy → Copy as cURL. That’s the network command that was used to retrieve the data that was then parsed by the website. If you paste and run the command as is in a terminal, you’ll see the JSON contents spew out. Look at the command carefully and you’ll see where your search query is. Then start trimming the curl command until you figure out whic
  5. There are many lists, most defunct by now. Packal used to be the go-to place, but it’s been abandoned and is falling apart, so prolific Workflow creators mostly abandoned it. Still, some people keep submitting there. These forums are the official place to share and look for Workflows.
  6. Another way to do it for Brave, with /bin/bash as the language: open -na 'Brave Browser' --args --new-window 'https://example.com' open -na 'Brave Browser' --args --new-window 'https://alfredapp.com' 'https://www.alfredforum.com' That’s useful for defining different tabs for each window.
  7. It’s a Notificator with the same icon as the Workflow.
  8. @swiggy Please be more thorough in future reports. The unnecessary back and forth makes people less likely to continue replying. You need to help us help you. This forum has pinned threads on how to make a good bug report.
  9. I have no idea what you’re referring to. Please show some screenshots and explain your steps and exactly what you’re seeing.
  10. Welcome @jason721b, Something like this should work: require 'json' ARGUMENT = ARGV[0] unless ARGUMENT.nil? puts({ items: [{ title: ARGUMENT, arg: ARGUMENT }] }.to_json) exit 0 end # Use clipboard when no argument given require 'csv' require 'open3' CLIPBOARD_DB = File.join(ENV['HOME'], 'Library/Application Support/Alfred/Databases/clipboard.alfdb') # The number after `desc limit` determines the number of results CLIPBOARD_ITEMS = CSV.parse(Open3.capture2( '/usr/bin/sqlite3', '-csv', CLIPBOARD_DB, 'select item from clipboard where dataType = 0 order by ts de
  11. Hello @susandavid, It’s not clear what you’re looking for. Do you want macOS’ Dark Mode to activate at specific times? That’s done within the macOS System Preferences, not Alfred. You’ll need to go into General and select Auto on Appearance, then go into Displays → Night Shift and set the schedule there.
  12. @Dvisic Glad it’s working! To clarify, do you see the notifications show up?
  13. There’s currently no feature to show placeholder text, no. The closest would the the icon appearing on the right.
  14. @Dvisic Perfect! Please download the latest version (same URL) and try that one. Please let me know either way, if this method works or not. No idea what that’s about. That’s a temporary host I use for quick shares. But it’s expected the link would be dead by now (just not that message).
  15. Welcome @Bill Alpert, All of those should go into ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred (~ is your home directory, e.g. /Users/bill).
  16. Major update (which you will likely not notice). Switched to using MultiMarkdown, which means more transformations to HTML and a few more for BBCode and RTF (subscript). Also removed support for footnotes in BBCode. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
  17. Welcome to the community, @nagym, You don’t need to map every single key (that would be a huge undertaking, due to language-specific characters). You can use keystroke instead of key code for typeable characters (keystroke "q" using command down). Nice idea with pasting the key code with the corresponding using! Makes a ton of sense. Regarding this, the best advice I can give you is “move to another language as soon as possible”. In this forum you’ll find plenty of posts where I and @deanishe discourage people from using AppleScript as their main l
  18. To clarify, I don’t decide which features go into Alfred (or not).
  19. Welcome @postnumbers. When asking for help, please be specific. If you say some configuration functions don’t work, which? And which do work? Help the developer help you. The more information you provide, the likelier anyone will be able (and willing) to help.
  20. That’s what I was thinking; an ownership and/or permissions check.
  21. Safari 14 Is not supported on @deanishe’s computer, so he can’t diagnose whatever might the broken with the Workflow in the most recent release. Essentially, the Workflow is (out of necessity) deprecated until further notice.
  22. Especially if one was happy with the previous OS, because the tendency is to try to make the new one behave like the old, when the correct approach is to understand—not fight—the conventions of the new OS. That said, macOS isn’t for everyone, just like no OS is.
  23. We’ve all been through it! The quintessential example is forgetting a semi-colon, though I doubt that particular example happens much with the checks we have today.
  24. @seishonagon No plans to officially add alphabetical sort. But you can make a new Script Filter with language set to /usr/bin/ruby and paste the following: require 'json' require 'pathname' script_filter_items = Pathname.new(ENV['downloads_dir']).expand_path.children.sort.each_with_object([]) do |entry, array| name = if entry.directory? entry.basename.to_path else entry.basename(entry.extname).to_path end array.push( type: 'file', title: name, subtitle: entry, icon: { path: entry, type: 'fileicon' }, arg: entry ) end puts({ items:
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