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  1. tried and it works perfectly, thanks so much! I did not need to remove any Mac address, it directly recognised my own AirPods Pro.
  2. [10:28:38.985] Logging Started... [10:28:46.992] Logging Stopped. [10:30:44.300] Logging Started... [10:30:57.593] AirPods Pro Connector[Keyword] Processing complete [10:30:57.593] AirPods Pro Connector[Keyword] Passing output '' to Arg and Vars [10:30:57.594] AirPods Pro Connector[Arg and Vars] Processing complete [10:30:57.594] AirPods Pro Connector[Arg and Vars] Passing output 'Please select your AirPods Pro...' to Script Filter [10:30:57.606] AirPods Pro Connector[Script Filter] Queuing argument 'Please select your AirPods Pro...' [10:30:58.061] AirPods Pro Connector[Script Filter] Script with argv 'Please select your AirPods Pro...' finished [10:30:58.062] STDERR: AirPods Pro Connector[Script Filter] Error: MAC Address missing. Get the MAC address from the list below (if your device is missing, pair it with your computer first): 60-83-73-f0-a2-eb - G’s AirPods Usage: BluetoothConnector [--connect] [--disconnect] [--status] [--notify] [<MAC address>] [10:30:58.081] AirPods Pro Connector[Script Filter] {"items": []}
  3. I've been having the same problem, have installed brew, bluetooth connector and checked python, still doesn't show any device to configure, could you please advice what to do? Thanks.
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