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  1. I wanted to implement this for a while now, but kept putting it off. Didn't know it was this simple . Thanks!
  2. Very odd, any suggestions of something else I could test to ensure the problem isn't on my end?
  3. So it definitely seems to be something to do with that option. When I disable it even long threads copy without issues.
  4. Cpu load is normal. I have "include related messages" ticked in the options, could that be it? I noticed that it only happens when I select multiple messages in an email thread.
  5. odd bug I noticed, wondering if I am the only one. If I try to move more than one message it sometimes randomly selects another message to move and leaves one of the selected ones in the inbox ... Could this maybe be due to the fact that the order of the messages changes once some are moved? If so any ideas for a fix?
  6. Impressive! It is now actually faster than clicking your way through the menu hence useful. Thanks!
  7. Very nice workflow! Works great
  8. You are of course right! I thought since when you click on the new tweet icon or press command+n the location of the popup is different there might be something that can be done, but alas all was in vain. I will have to contact tapbots
  9. True, your workflow is definitely not at fault. I am just trying to figure out why this is the default behaviour and if there is something that can be done on the bash end to fix it
  10. It works, but the placement of the new tweet pop-up is strange (created above the window). I haven't found a way yet to fix that in bash, if I do come up with something I will let you know.
  11. I didn't mean to quote the whole post, the last suggestion works: open "tweetbot:///post?text=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.alfredapp.com"
  12. This seems to work, it starts a tweet with the link embedded. The Bundle ID is com.tapbots.TweetbotMac
  13. Thanks, works great! Seems I didn't need my custom command and was just overcomplicating things
  14. I use Papers2 to keep track of research papers I have read or want to read. When I find something on google scholar I like to just open the url in Papers2 to import the paper. Don't know if it is useful in general ... This is the custom command I use: open -a /Applications/Papers2.app "$THEURL"
  15. Thanks it worked after actioning a url. I should probably have read your post just above mine, sorry...
  16. Excellent workflow! A quick question though: On the previous (v2) version I was able to add a custom application by appending a line in the supported applications file and a custom command in the actionurl.sh, but that doesn't seem to be working any more. Could you maybe let me know what else I need to change? Thanks!
  17. Thanks for the suggestions after some googling I am almost there. I think you are right David attaching a file to the currently selected message seems to be more stable, still need to work out some kinks. Thanks mlgill that was a great starting point, since I have not used applescripts before (relatively new to osx), your suggestion helped a lot.
  18. I am trying to get a workflow that would allow me to add a file to reply window I have open. The simplest thing would be if this was a file action. There are already file actions for starting a new mail window with the file as an attachment. Anyone has any ideas how to insert the file into an open mail window?
  19. Very interesting and just this weekend I was thinking of throwing together something similar. A few comments and maybe things I was considering for my own take on this 1. Depending on the file extension create it with some standard headers that you always use with that extension. 2. How about instead of opening Alfred for you on the file, opening the file with the default associated with the extension.
  20. First off, I really love this workflow. This has been a major annoyance when using the Mail app for a while. Just a quick comment, your hotkey for mark as read is by default (if I remember correctly) mapped to "reply all".
  21. You need to edit the extension_utils.php in the workflow folder. @epogue Thanks for the suggestion works for me now.
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