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  1. Darn. I like the Alfred "experience and feel" for that feature. Thank you very much!
  2. Alfred is "finding" a lot less than Spotlight. What setting(s) will improve Alfred's CTRL-SPACEBAR search results?
  3. I have done something wrong. Alfred is not finding as many files as the Mac magnifying glass search.. I *know* Alfred is better than this - it works "better" on my older Mac. SO - Which settings should I be looking for to "open" Alfred up to "see" more files?
  4. What extraordinary replies - in less than 24 hours' time. MANY thanks! I just need to get used to it ... but it is MUCH more powerful than the previous "clip saver" program I was using since 2006. Thank you all again. Clint Bradford
  5. MacBook Air under Mojave. Just discovering the power of Alfred's Clipboard. (I was using Chronos' iClipboard ... support long gone). I have set up a HotKey combo for Alfred's Clipboard. And there are all my text clips. But where are the screenshots (the CMD-SHIFT-4 screenshots)? AND - Is there a way to make a "sound" after successfully saving a clip? A little "beep" or something? I apologize for not knowing about Alfred's Clipboard before now ... Clint Bradford
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