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  1. hey @deanishe, thank you for your suggestion! i ended up already in my own implementation using a shellscript which uses mdfind internally. in the end i did not check if there are no results, but append a "create" item all the time. in case somebody wants to do something similar, my code is attached below. cheers #!/bin/bash QUERY=${1} DIRECTORY="/some/directory" RESULTS=$(mdfind -onlyin "${DIRECTORY}" "kMDItemContentType == 'net.daringfireball.markdown' && (kMDItemDisplayName == '${QUERY}*'c || kMDItemTextContent == '${QUERY}*'c)") SAVEIFS=${IFS} IFS=$'\n' RESULTS=($RESULTS) # Split Results IFS=${SAVEIFS} declare -a ITEMS for i in "${RESULTS[@]:0:8}"; do ITEM=$(cat << EOF { "uid": "${i}", "type": "file", "title": "$(echo ${i} | sed 's|.*/||')", "subtitle": "${i}", "arg": "${i}", "icon": { "type": "fileicon", "path": "${i}" } }, EOF ) ITEMS+=${ITEM} done ITEMS+=$(cat << EOF { "title": "Create '${QUERY}.md'", "subtitle": "Create a new Vault entry", "arg": "create:${QUERY}" }, EOF ) cat << EOF { "items": [${ITEMS}] } EOF
  2. I use a File Filter to search within files of a specific folder. In case there is no file found (e.g. no file for query XYZ), I would like to provide a custom entry like "Create XYZ" which then allows me to trigger the creation of a new file using the "XYZ" query string. The creation of the file is not the problem; I am wondering if this custom entry is possible at all without implementing the file search functionality on my own using a script filter. Does anyone have an idea how this could be approached using Alfreds built-in features? Thanks
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