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  1. Thanks for all your help and investigations. Much appreciated. I did some additional testing too, and it turns out that if I copy a password from SafeInCloud it doesn't get stored in the clipboard history (so that option in Alfred seems to work as expected). But as soon as I paste it in Firefox it does. This behaviour disappears though if I disable the SafeInCloud Firefox add-on/extension. So even if I don't use the Firefox extension but simply copy and paste, it still has an impact on the clipboard history. Perhaps that's in line with your findings. I'm not too familia
  2. Although I like to keep these separate, I've updated my email address.
  3. Yes and no. I do have the Firefox extension installed. But the behavior I'm describing happens when I copy a password directly from SafeInCloud and paste it into Firefox. So the copy is initiated from the application that's in the exclusion list for the clipboard history.
  4. I have added my password manager of choice - SafeInCloud Password Manager - to the Ignore Apps list for clipboard history in Alfred. However, passwords and other data copied from SafeInCloud are still visible in the Alfred clipboard history. Strangely enough with a Firefox icon. Am I missing something? Or is SafeInCloud Password Manager not using standard macOS calls for the clipboard?
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