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  1. @Vero, That was it! Thank you, thank you! I kept checking security settings and other items. It would be nice if the debugging output for a workflow would detect that notifications are set to "none" for Alfred or that it can't paste to clipboard, although I understand if MacOS does not allow access to this information for Alfred. FYI, Here was my upgrade path over the course of this last weekend: 1. Old MacBook: Upgrade to Catalina (upgraded so that migration to new MacBook using TimeMachine would work better) 2. Update TimeMachine Backup
  2. @Vero Removing and re-granting Alfred access in the Accessibility permissions fixed #1 (the Copy to Clipboard > Paste the Contents). The #2 (Post Notification) still do not work. Thank you for the response. -tleish
  3. After upgrading to Catalina, some of my workflows are no longer working. Specifically, they bash or ruby script and then send the output to then "Copy to Clipboard" or "Post Notification". When I turn on debugging, the bash or ruby script are working, and they workflow ends with: [11:04:13.737] My Workflow[Run Script] Passing output 'test ' to Copy to Clipboard [11:04:13.738] My Workflow[Run Script] Passing output 'test ' to Post Notification 1. Text is not in my clipboard, but "Automatically past to front most app" does not paste the contents 2. I do not see any notifications
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