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  1. Alfred Base64 Direct download: Encode:Decode Base64.alfredworkflow GitHub Link: Alfred Base64 README file: located here License: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Packal: Alfred Base64 This is a simple workflow that allows you to covert files to/from base 64 using an Alfred file action. Here are some screenshots to demonstrate: Installation: Download the latest release from the above link and double-click to install. Usage: Simply activate the Alfred file actions menu and type "Encode Base64" or "Decode Base64" Attributions: Icon adopted from "restart by Alice Design from the Noun Project" Compatibility: This workflow uses the base64 utility that has come with Mac OS X since v10.7 (released in 2011), so as long as you've updated in the last decade this workflow should function fine. 🙂 Notes: This is my first public workflow post (but not the last 😉), so if I missed something or did something wrong please let me know so I can fix it for next time. Thanks!
  2. I would also be very interested in this.
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