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  1. Really appreciate this! However, now when I trigger the workflow, it tries to open Parallels app (for Windoze emulation). I have zero idea why this is happening. Doesnt matter what I change your workflow hotkey to, still invokes Parallels None of my AirPlay devices are connected to Windoze in any way. Very strange....
  2. Hi, Got it working on Mojave, thank you. However I see that the workflow just toggles each Airplay target on/off. I would like to be able to SWITCH from one to another. For example, iTunes is set to play to Computer. Using your workflow, I have to toggle Computer OFF, and then toggle my speakers ON. Is there a way to SWITCH instead of the current behaviour? Thanks again...
  3. Does this workflow still work? I entered a hotkey, but "iTunes Airplay Toggle" flashes in the Alfred search bar and disappears. Am I doing something wrong? I just need a way to select various AirPlay speakers. Is there a better way?
  4. OK, I understand. Thank you. I think I found a solution here: https://breaktimeapp.com/
  5. I would be more than happy to pay for this functionality. I'll put in $25. Anyone else willing to add to @vitor 's tip jar? Link is here: https://www.paypal.me/vitorgalvao
  6. @vitor - Thank you for a great timer. I like the simplicity, but sometimes I'd like to have a timer that puts a large message or overlay on my screen when I'm done, forcing me to switch gears. Notifications are too easy to ignore. Sometimes I use an app called Time Out for this (https://www.dejal.com/timeout/) but would prefer something I can launch directly from Alfred. Is it possible to modify this so that it displays a large message or overlay to the screen? Is anyone aware of an Alfred-friendly app that would give me this functionality? Thank y
  7. Hi, I've updated this Workflow to the latest version. When I try to use it in Chrome for Mac, it asks me to: Choose an account to continue to Alfred Drive Workflow I select my current Google account. But then I get a message in the browser saying: Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app This app has not been verified yet by Google in order to use Google Sign In. Please advise. Thank you.
  8. Is there a way to force Alfred's native search to just search for Folders? In other words, Alfreds search results usually returns both Files and Folders based on my search terms. I'd like an option to just find Folders that match my search term. Thank you.
  9. Hi Victor, Thanks for the worklfow, but I am having the same issue (in macOS 10.13.6) that when I turn DND off, the Notification icon in menu bar does NOT turn from Grey back to Black. Please advise. Thanks, Matthew
  10. I use Chrome as my default browser and usually have a number of tabs open for various purposes. However Chrome is an energy hog and I dont like to leave it running when I'm using my MacBookPro on battery. Is there a way to temporarily tell Alfred to open the results of an Alfred search in different browser (ie: Safari) rather than my default one? Thanks...
  11. Hi, Looks like a great workflow, but still not working for me. I installed Node and NPM, and confirmed it is in /usr/local/bin/node When I run workflow and type: t:Store token <my token#> I get a result saying: Failure: Not a valid token My token IS valid as I use it fine with other integrations. I tried creating a new token (which means I have to re-update all my other integrations), but it still didn’t work. Debugger reports: [2018-07-15 07:34:25][STDERR: input.scriptfilter] chmod: build: No such file or directory Grateful for y
  12. Hi, I have no clue on how to install worflows I find on GitHub. (I'm not a programmer) I looked around but could not find a simple guide. Could someone provide a simple explanation please. Or better yet, is there a (non-GitHub) Workflow that installs Workflows from GitHub ?!!!! Thank you..
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