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  1. Hi Victor, Thanks for the worklfow, but I am having the same issue (in macOS 10.13.6) that when I turn DND off, the Notification icon in menu bar does NOT turn from Grey back to Black. Please advise. Thanks, Matthew
  2. I use Chrome as my default browser and usually have a number of tabs open for various purposes. However Chrome is an energy hog and I dont like to leave it running when I'm using my MacBookPro on battery. Is there a way to temporarily tell Alfred to open the results of an Alfred search in different browser (ie: Safari) rather than my default one? Thanks...
  3. Hi, Looks like a great workflow, but still not working for me. I installed Node and NPM, and confirmed it is in /usr/local/bin/node When I run workflow and type: t:Store token <my token#> I get a result saying: Failure: Not a valid token My token IS valid as I use it fine with other integrations. I tried creating a new token (which means I have to re-update all my other integrations), but it still didn’t work. Debugger reports: [2018-07-15 07:34:25][STDERR: input.scriptfilter] chmod: build: No such file or directory Grateful for your help.
  4. Hi, I have no clue on how to install worflows I find on GitHub. (I'm not a programmer) I looked around but could not find a simple guide. Could someone provide a simple explanation please. Or better yet, is there a (non-GitHub) Workflow that installs Workflows from GitHub ?!!!! Thank you..
  5. Thanks. Not using DevonThink so much these days, but will try it the next time I need to.
  6. Hi dvcrn, Thank you for this Workflow, but it doesn't work for me. I'm running most recent version of DTPro, and Alfred, on macOS 10.12.6 When I type ds, the Alred window shows "DevonThink Search", but when I type anything else, it reverts to a Google search. Please advise. Thanks, Matthew
  7. Hi, Grateful for help on a basic search workflow. I'd like to be able to search the Sci-Hub website using Alfred. The website is https://sci-hub.tw/ I added a custom websearch in Alfred using https://sci-hub.tw/search?q={query} But it takes me to a URL of http://search/sci-hub.tw And the browser gives an error saying "site cannot be found" What am I doing wrong? Thank you.
  8. Thank you Gingerbeardman. A few things: - The Search iTunes Music Store take me to the UK store. Is it possible to switch to US store? - More importantly for me, I would like to be able to search Apple Music, not the iTunes Music Store. Do you have plans to develop such a workflow? Thanks Matthew
  9. Wondering if gingerbeardman or anyone else has made progress on a workflow which can do an Apple Music Search? Thank you....
  10. Hi dfay, Thanks for your reply. Didn't realize I could type in more than one query until you told me. Appreciate your guidance and working now :-)
  11. Hi, Sorry for the delay in replying. Two things: 1) ngram is based on two (or more ) queries, not just one. 2) creating this as a Custom search or Workflow is above my pay-grade. Grateful if someone could help out with this. Thank you.
  12. Hi, I frequently use Google's Ngram in my work. https://books.google.com/ngrams It is a brilliant service which looks into Google's massive database of scanned books to show frequency of use. Each time I have to do the following: - Go to the website - Type in my terms, seperated by commas - Check the "case-insensitive" box - Change the date of the corpus from 1800-2000 to 1800-2016 - Click Search Lots of Books It is begging for a Workflow, but I have neither the time nor skills. Happy to make a donation if someone cares to try their hand at this. Thank you, Matthew
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