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  1. Alfred -> DEVONthink

    Hi dvcrn, Thank you for this Workflow, but it doesn't work for me. I'm running most recent version of DTPro, and Alfred, on macOS 10.12.6 When I type ds, the Alred window shows "DevonThink Search", but when I type anything else, it reverts to a Google search. Please advise. Thanks, Matthew
  2. Need help with Sci-Hub Workflow

    Got it. Oh well, I tried. Thank you....
  3. Hi, Grateful for help on a basic search workflow. I'd like to be able to search the Sci-Hub website using Alfred. The website is https://sci-hub.tw/ I added a custom websearch in Alfred using https://sci-hub.tw/search?q={query} But it takes me to a URL of http://search/sci-hub.tw And the browser gives an error saying "site cannot be found" What am I doing wrong? Thank you.
  4. Apple Music search with Alfred

    Thank you Gingerbeardman. A few things: - The Search iTunes Music Store take me to the UK store. Is it possible to switch to US store? - More importantly for me, I would like to be able to search Apple Music, not the iTunes Music Store. Do you have plans to develop such a workflow? Thanks Matthew
  5. Apple Music search with Alfred

    Wondering if gingerbeardman or anyone else has made progress on a workflow which can do an Apple Music Search? Thank you....
  6. Request for Google Ngram Workflow

    Hi dfay, Thanks for your reply. Didn't realize I could type in more than one query until you told me. Appreciate your guidance and working now :-)
  7. Request for Google Ngram Workflow

    Hi, Sorry for the delay in replying. Two things: 1) ngram is based on two (or more ) queries, not just one. 2) creating this as a Custom search or Workflow is above my pay-grade. Grateful if someone could help out with this. Thank you.
  8. Hi, I frequently use Google's Ngram in my work. https://books.google.com/ngrams It is a brilliant service which looks into Google's massive database of scanned books to show frequency of use. Each time I have to do the following: - Go to the website - Type in my terms, seperated by commas - Check the "case-insensitive" box - Change the date of the corpus from 1800-2000 to 1800-2016 - Click Search Lots of Books It is begging for a Workflow, but I have neither the time nor skills. Happy to make a donation if someone cares to try their hand at this. Thank you, Matthew
  9. Longstanding bug which others have reported since Yosemite....
  10. Thanks Dean. Just "bought you a beer" :-) I suppose checking every x minutes would work, but what you made serves my purpose perfectly.
  11. Hi, Due to a bug in the OS which has been around since 10.10, the "Reduce Transperency" setting in System Preferences>Accessability>Display does NOT stick. After awhile it reverts back to its default uncheck state. Rather than wait for a bug-fix which may never come, I'd settle for an Alfred Workflow, but I'm not skilled in the art and have no time. $10 in a tip jar is someone could please help! Would love to type RT and have the box checked. Thank you, Matthew
  12. Thank you deanishe !!! Works perfectly. Yes, why don't you release to the community? Happy to donate a little for your time. Also, as some installers use ZIP instead of DMG, perhaps a way to either accommodate for both DMG & ZIP or a separate workflow for ZIP.
  13. Hi Deanise, Very kind of you. However I have no idea how to "write your own Script Filter to find and list the mounted disk images" !!!
  14. Wondering if anyone has developed a workflow that can eject a mounted disk image and trash the related DMG after installing software? Thank you...
  15. Hi, Some basic questions regarding searching in Google with Alfred. - My main browser is Chrome. If I do a search with Chrome open, it creates a new tab with the search. However, if Chrome is not open, the Alfred opens Chrome, but does not pass the search to Chrome. How can I get it to open a new tab and pass the search to Chrome? - Prefer not to have to type "Google" each time before launching a search. If I dont, AND there is no item on my local computer with a similar name, then the search automatically goes to Google, but if there is a local item with a similar name, it won't. Is there a way to set a shortcut or other quick way to tell Alfred that I want this to be a Google search, not a local one? Thank you...