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  1. yes there is one in Alfred's action menu, but i want to be able to select the files directly from Finder but moving it with Alfred... so i can manage to move/copy several files at once without sorting the files directly from Alfred (because maybe i don't want to move entire folder but some of it contents) I don't know if anyone will find this useful since there is built-in action option in Alfred but it works out for me
  2. I tried to make workflow that enables you to: Step 1: Select files in Finder Step 2: type keywords to move/copy it to destination folder (you specify the destination by typing it to Alfred) I make this because i feel drag & drop files in Finder is a bit slow and using terminal directly to use mv and cp commands took too much steps too Feel free to download it here: https://github.com/fipo42/Alfred-Move-Copy-Files/releases/tag/v0.1.0 and suggest improvement in Github page here: https://github.com/fipo42/Alfred-Move-Copy-Files/tree/v0.1.0 This is actually a very simple code, for any experienced user you can just actually code this yourself (i'm a total newbie hahaha) But might be useful for anyone who don't want to code this themselves.
  3. ah i see.. sorry for the trouble, i'll keep in mind in the future I tried this too but it still won't fix it, and then i found the problem (i think if i upload the full work like you instruct it will be easier, my bad sorry) It's about the file path: if there is a folder where there is space in it's name, the mv command won't work if i don't single quote the name. For example: Users/MyName/Dummy Folder/Sample File.png It won't work unless i change it to Users/MyName/'DummyFolder'/'Sample File'.png and when we do File Filter action in Alfred, it gives path output without the single quote so.. it need something so i google sample text handling and configure how to get this done I'll post this workflow if anyone interested in this (might just build it from scratch tho except you're really new to this like me hahaha) Thanks for your help deanishe
  4. apparently, i tried using the single quote in apple script but it not works too so i delete it Then it works again in apple script run but give the second type of error in alfred (as shown in the post)
  5. Hi People, I'm super new to this thing so pardon me for basic newbie question, i tried to make automation utilizing the mv commands with osascript in Alfred's script action It works in AppleScript but not here. I've tried using the backslash, single quote, double quote (as seen in many cases here or in Stack Overflow) but it still not works for me. It looks like this: it gives me error like this: ERROR: Move Item[Run Script] 396:443: execution error: sh: mv /Users/*****/Downloads/FileName.pdf /Users/******/Documents/*****/FileName.pdf: No such file or directory (127) if i delete the single quote, it gives me error like this: ERROR: Move Item[Run Script] 394:434: execution error: usage: mv [-f | -i | -n] [-v] source target mv [-f | -i | -n] [-v] source ... directory (64) anyone have experience with this problem? any help regarding this problem is really appreciated
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