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  1. Thank you for the suggestion! This is exactly what I need and it works as expected. I think the folder detection if no items are selected in Finder is still useful. As far as I can tell the workflow achieves this by interrogating Finder through Apple Script as a workaround.
  2. Currently it's only possible to launch Actions when an item in Finder is selected. It would be nice if the folder which is shown in Finder itself could also be used for Universal Actions. This only makes sense when no items are selected in the Finder window. I want to create an action to create a new text file in Finder. Universal Actions seem a nice way to accomplish this. The problem is, that I have to move one level up in Finder to select the folder for this action. It would be nice if Alfred could recongnise which folder is currently shown in Finder (while no items are selected of course) and then use that folder for the action. I hope this explanation makes sense. If not I can try to explain it in another way.
  3. Just read up on the Emacs shortcuts again. You can even find them in the official support documents (see section "Document shortcuts"): https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201236 One thing I didn't consider is that the actual meaning of ctrl-f is moving one character forward. Ctrl-b should move one character backward. Ctrl-f used to work for folder navigation in previous realeses of Alfred and I think it makes sense in this context. I'm not certain about my idea for ctrl-b. Now it moves the cursor one character back which would be expected. So maybe using ctrl-b for moving back one folder is not such a great idea? It would be convenient for me. But maybe this will break some other users practice.
  4. I have looked into Karabiner many times. But I'm not very fond of installing kernel level extensions into the OS for stability and security reasons. Your key mapping is very neat though. Thank you for the suggestion.
  5. @Andrew It works! While we're at it. Could you also make Ctrl-b work as a substitute for the left arrow key (back) in folder navigation? These are all shortcuts borrowed from Emacs. https://jblevins.org/log/kbd They work in most native text input situations in macOS. I also use Ctrl-n (next line) and Ctrl-p (previous line) a lot. Those two already work nicely in Alfred. Thanks you for the great support. I appreciate it a lot!
  6. Hi, in previous versions of Alfred I could use the CTRL-F shorcut to step into folders. It is more convenient to use than the arrow keys because I don't have to move my hand over to the cursor keys. It used to work in all previous versions before and stopped working with the latest update to 4.5. It would be great if you could bring this keyboard shortcut back. I'm missing it very much. Otherwise thank you for the great work. I started using Universal Actions the other day and I think it could become very handy in the future.
  7. I would like to add to this thread because "fuzzy search" in file paths is a feature I'm also dearly missing from Alfred. The current way of searching wide and deep folder hierarchies where some folder names occur many time in different parts of the hierarchy is not working very well, especially if you have other file types enabled like Contacts or Applications, which also might contain the search term. I tried to create an example of a search to illustrate my point. Assume I have these paths that contain the word "Alfred": ~/Documents/Invoices/Alfred ~/Books/Alfred ~/Dropbox/Applications/Licenes/Alfred What I would love to be able to search for is the following: "inv alf" to find the first path. "boo alf" to find the second path. "dr lic alf" to find the third path. One applications that has fuzzy path search figured out almost perfectly is fzf. It's a command line program that is very fast, even though it doesn't keep an index of all the path names. I'll leave the refrence to fzf here as an example of a fuzzy search implementation. https://github.com/junegunn/fzf If there already is a another way to solve my folder search problem, please let me know. I've been using Alfred (with Powerpack) for many years for some of it's other features. But somehow I could not make folder search or navigation work.
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