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  1. Hi, I had the same issue and the update fixed it for me. However, the currency calculation does not work as expected on my end. I added EUR, USD, AUD and CHF as base currencies, but I see some strange behaviour. Typing "100 eur" (or "100eur" or "100 euro" or "100€") does not bring up the base currencies. Typing "100 usd" brings up the base currencies, including USD which then shows 1,100.00USD, which doesn't seem right. Using "100€ to $" doesn't seem to work at all for me. I hope that is helpful.
  2. JulianW

    macOS Big Sur

    Hey, bit of a late answer but Big Sur works fine for me since developer beta 1. All my software works fine. I use a lot of Figma and Notion and those two apps are basically webapps in containers anyway, so complications are very unlikely there. Pixelmator, Parallels, Things, 1Password also all work perfectly fine for me. The public beta launched a couple days ago, maybe you want to give that a go
  3. Haven't tried this first-hand, but there is an App called Workspaces that claims to be doing what you're looking for. Might be an alternative solution, in case you can't get it to work in Alfred.
  4. JulianW

    macOS Big Sur

    Something to be aware of: The blur through the Alfred window does currently not work when using Alfred (4.1 Beta) in macOS Big Sur (Beta 2).
  5. That sounds exactly like what I want to achieve. Thank you! I'll go ahead and learn about working with variables in Alfred.
  6. Appreciate you trying to help me! Maybe I explained my idea not well enough, because your solution does not seem to address it. I'll try again I think I understand the thing with the {snippet: } macro, but this can only call snippets (the ones set up under "Features" -> "Snippets"), not Snippet Triggers (set up under "Workflows"), right? I'm trying to call/integrate other Snippet Triggers within a Snippet Trigger. Currently I'm just playing around with the "Getting Started" material for Snippet Triggers, that comes with Alfred. There is no way of getting the following to work? //greetmsg, //hellomsg This is text from the email template blabla. Best regards, //thanksmsg I understand, that the Snippet Triggers won't execute from pasting them, but can a workflow be set up in such a way, that it pastes a text that contains multiple queries it collected before? Tried something like this, though this does not work so far for multiple reasons 😅 Cheers
  7. Thank you for this input, how can I "chain" those workflows together though? Let's say I want to set up a Snippet Trigger \\emailanswer and want to use \\greetmsg and \\hellomsg and \\thanksmsg throughout the snippet text? How would I do that?
  8. Can confirm this. No blur for Alfred on the Big Sur Beta. macOS 11.0 Beta (20A4299v) Alfred 4.1 [1166]
  9. Hi, I'm new to Alfred, but currently grasping the possibilities of this fantastic tool. After setting up some snippets for recurring email exchanges I encounter at work, I learned about Snippet Triggers and got myself the "Getting Started" workflow to understand them. There is this \\greetmsg one that changes the greeting according to the time of day. I would love to use that (and similar ones) in my snippets I have set up for email exchanges, but can't find a way to get it to work. When pasting the \\greetmsg through a snippet, it does not execute unfortunately. Any way to make this happen? I feel like I'm missing something. I would love to go haywire with text templates if this sort of nesting is possible! Im running Alfred 4.1 (Beta) Cheers
  10. JulianW

    macOS Big Sur

    Hi, currently using the macOS Big Sur Beta and was styling Alfred for the upcoming makeover of the macOS UI. I prefer a look as close to the system UI as possible. Light: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/eHfgpMFvON/ Dark Mode: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/NWnuAKel02/ A little unfortunate, that there is no option to round the corners on the selection background elements, they appear very pointy in the new environment of even more rounded corners in macOS Big Sur. Hope you enjoy!
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